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Pye,T 1994. Safe as houses? A sniff of danger for 3,000 primary pupils: a broad-based safety curriculum. Education and Health 12(2),21-25. PDF

Simpson,A West,H 1994. West Sussex school nurses teach the teachers: towards a better understanding of health-related issues. Education and Health 12(2),25-27. PDF

Griffiths,M 1994. Computer games: Harmless or addictive?. Education and Health 12(2),28-30. PDF

Lee,J 1994. Asthma medication: What about the 70% who forget?. Education and Health 12(3),33-36. PDF

Doak,C 1994. A County policy for managing asthma in schools: How a 'risk management' approach led to a county-wide initiative. Education and Health 12(3),37-40. PDF

Regis,D Balding,J 1994. A look at the wheezers and dosers: 'the school with the most dosers does not always have the most wheezers'. Education and Health 12(3),41-45. PDF

Balding,J 1994. Sensible drinking: The Unit's response to the Government's review. Education and Health 12(3),46-47. PDF

Balding,J 1994. Young people and drug-taking: facts and trends. Education and Health 12(4),49-62. PDF

Armstrong,N Welsman,J 1994. Today's children: Fitness, fatness, and physical activity. Education and Health 12(5),65-69. PDF

Balding,J 1994. Not GCSE but CCSE!: A new cross-curricular sex education pack, developed by teachers and pupils, with evaluation components and a method of overall monitoring. Education and Health 11(5),70-71. PDF

Brett,M 1993. Hard facts about soft drugs?. Education and Health 11(5),77-78. PDF

Foxcroft,D Lowe,G 1993. Can families be bad for your health?. Education and Health 11(1),1-5. PDF

Noble,C 1993. Recruiting the young smoker. Education and Health 11(1),5. PDF

Balding,JW 1993. Lifestyles: 200 pupils in your computer. Education and Health 11(1),6-8. PDF

Balding,JW 1993. A new challenge and a new version of the questionnaire. Education and Health 11(1),9. PDF

Newton,JA Hughes,BR Altman,DG 1993. Young people and skin cancer: challenging powerful images. Education and Health 11(2),17-20. PDF

Garner,G 1993. Oh, Dad-this is the best bit!. Education and Health 11(2),21-22. PDF

Balding,J 1993. Young People in 1992 - data from 20,218 young people. Education and Health 11(2),23-29. PDF

Babb,H Sparkes,A 1993. Pictures of Health. Education and Health 11(3),33-37. PDF

Williams,G 1993. Introducing the Professional Development of Teachers Project. Education and Health 11(3),38-42. PDF

Balding,J Shelley,CA 1993. A health-related peep at 7,852 very young people. Education and Health 11(3),43-47. PDF

Howieson,J 1993. Developing positive attitudes: a school's 'Health Year'. Education and Health 11(4),49-53. PDF

Hayward,S 1993. Facing the urban challenge. Education and Health 11(4),54-55. PDF

Ellsion,P Wise,A 1993. Active lifestyles: fighting the teenage switch-off. Education and Health 11(4),56-62. PDF

Young,J Phillips,K 1993. HIV/AIDS: sharing the voice of young people. Education and Health 11(5),65-69. PDF


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