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SHEU asks, "How many youngsters smoke, have been bullied and know about Chlamydia?"


Dr David Regis, SHEU's Research Manager, has been examining some data from SHEU's latest report,


SHEU research news - Over 50 new items about 16+ year olds

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Young people's health-related behaviour - SHEU research

The report, Young People into 2012, is a unique contemporary archive of young people from the Schools Health Education Unit. There are over 100 health-related behaviour questions and answers from over 31,000 youngsters between the ages of 10 and 15. They tell us about what they do at home, at school, and with their friends. The data have been collected from primary and secondary schools across the United Kingdom. The report is the 26th in the series.
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Underage conception rates and healthy eating - 2 articles in the latest E&H from SHEU

Education and Health (E&H) has been published by SHEU since 1983. The journal is now open-access and online.
Latest (30:2) articles:

Sex Education Research - English teenagers' sexual experience

Young People and...
A survey of English teenagers' sexual experience and preferences for school-based sex education is just one of over 280 items in the new SHEU Literature Search Resource. Each item is listed showing relevant headings including an abstract and the URL for the journal article.
Other literature searches include school-based research and Smoking and Physical Activity and Academic Achievement.

Smoking - Sex Ed. - PE & success

SHEU has provided the results of literature searches on the following topics:-
1. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT research from 1983 (39 items currently)
2. SEX EDUCATION and school-based research from 1994 (233 items currently)
3. SMOKING and school-based research from 1984 (308 items currently)
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Free SHEU reports about young people's health-related behaviour

The Schools Health Education Unit (SHEU) have provided free access to a number of their 'Young People' reports.
A unique contemporary archive, the 'Young People' reports (2000-2008) provide answers to over 100 health-related behaviour questions. Data have been collected from surveys in primary and secondary schools across the United Kingdom involving nearly 290,000 pupils.
Annually since 1986, SHEU (an independent research unit based in Exeter) has published the collected Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire results.

School management of pupils with a lack of sleep – can you help?

The journal, Education and Health, is interested to hear from teachers, school nurses and others in the UK if they have been involved in research about how schools manage secondary or primary pupils with a lack of sleep.

In September, the journal will publish a number of articles about this topic.
There will be articles about research in Australia and the USA.
From the UK there will be articles about the Sound Sleep project and the Better Brains with More Sleep project including the Time To Learn survey.

Schools health survey: what are young people really like?

In 1977, John Balding began the Schools Health Education Unit (SHEU) and started SHEU school surveys. John wanted to find ways of assessing young people's behaviours and give useful health-related behaviour profiles to education and health colleagues. 
In 2012, read about recent SHEU surveys in ...
SHEU is nationally-recognised as the specialist provider of reliable local survey data for schools and colleges. 

Probably the quintessential health and wellbeing research archive

Latest health and wellbeing research about 11-16 year olds with over 50 links including ...
"Should young people be paid for chlamydia screening?"
... and ...
"Is there an association between exposure to images of alcohol use in movies and binge drinking among adolescents?"
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