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#Food logos activate some brain regions in #children known to be associated with motivation

"Food logos, brain regions and motivation" - just one of over 50 new links in SHEU's research news about 11-16 year olds.
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Who contributes to #Education and #Health?

Education and Health (E&H) is an open access journal aimed at those concerned with the health and wellbeing of young people. Readers come from a broad background and include: teachers, lecturers, professors, health-care professionals and many more working in education and health settings. The journal is also read by those who commission and carry out health education programmes with young people.

20 years of #children and young people's fitness. #healthed #physed

Since 1991, the Schools Health Education Unit have asked over 477,000 young people about their fitness.
To discover what they said follow this link

#Physical #activity interventions have little effect on the overall activity of #children

"Physical activity interventions have little effect on the overall activity of children" is just one of over 50 new links available on the SHEU research news about 5-11 yr olds page

What can a #teacher expect from their class of young people?

Dr David Regis, SHEU's Research Manager, has been examining some data from the report "Young People into 2012".
For details follow this link

SHEUBytes Water: #Water consumption, young people and #children

SHEUBytes Water is a nugget of information about young people and drinking water.

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Literature search: student #sleep problems and school management. #health

SHEU has provided a literature search resource about young people, sleep problems and school management. Resource link

School management of students with a lack of #sleep. #health

The latest issue of the journal Education and Health (E&H) contains an eclectic mix of articles.
There are several looking at young people's lack of sleep and school management including an overview of the later start times movement in the US and Australian school-based work. There is also the SHEU Literature Search resource.
Education and Health is an open access journal - LATEST ISSUE

School-based drama, #health and wellbeing: Challenges to studying its effectiveness

Dr Katja Joronen's article, published in the latest issue of Education and Health, reports on the effect of a school-based drama programme on the social and emotional wellbeing of primary school children in Finland. To read the article, follow this link.


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