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Looking after ourselves?

Many years ago SHEU were invited to a conference of the Asthma Training Centre*, who were in the middle of a big effort to raise awareness of childhood asthma and to train school nurses about the management of asthma in schools.  Dr Dave was interested to discover that while medical staff think of well-managed asthma as being keeping the occurrence and severity of symptoms at a minimum, many young people with asthma seemed to have a goal of taking as little medication as possible.

Dr. David Regis - Research Manager


David Regis is the Research Manager at SHEU and is your first point of contact for all enquiries about our reports and research services.


Please email David or contact by telephone on 01392 667272.

David first came to SHEU in 1986, after spending some years teaching biology, to study for a research degree - 'Self-concept and conformity in theories of health education', 1990, University of Exeter. (Ph.D).


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