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Brain matters

Someone told me recently, "men have seven times more grey matter in their brains than women, women have ten times more white matter than men".

I was sure this absolutely startling statement couldn't be true -- and when I checked, it was not -- but I think it could have both accurately remembered and quoted.  The trouble is, the original paper didn't say that, but it had been mangled in some reports (4).

Plymouth Health, Wellbeing and Citizenship Education Conference: 21st. March 2019

Plymouth Health, Wellbeing and Citizenship Education Conference: 21st. March 2019

SHeu pepper sauce

Doubtless fabulous, but nothing to do with us. Do contact https://www.sheu-peppersauce.com/

Goldilocks is online

Update June 2019: I turned this blog post into an article, which is a bit more up to date: http://sheu.org.uk/sheux/EH/eh372dr.pdf

I was particularly interested to hear the exchanges on a BBC programme: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3cstygs


East End girls

This is something of an accidental blog post.  We were asked recently for some information about young people, which I misinterpreted as asking about differences between local authorities.

The Infinite Monkey Rule

I always learn things from listening to the radio. On 'The Infinite Monkey Cage', I heard Brian Cox rattle off a 'rule of thumb', which goes something like:

A number plus or minus the square root of the sample size is consistent with random sampling error.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04yfsst (listen from 20 minutes in)

I hadn't heard that one, but deploying those key research tools, the back of an envelope and a pencil, I could see where it comes from.


This is a test page for exploring colour schemes kinder to people with colour vision anomalies.


Cause and effect with vaping and smoking

Browsing through my colleague David McGeorge's latest round-up of research into young people and health (https://sheu.org.uk/resl), I came across a paper about how e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes may be adopted by young people (https://sheu.org.uk/content/how-effect-adolescent-e-cigarette-use-smokin...).


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