My Life, My View survey

My Life, My View is a survey for young people in Derbyshire.

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The survey focusses on emotional health, well-being and risk-taking behaviours. It is available to all secondary schools, alternative provision and home educated young people in Derbyshire.

The My Life, My View survey was commissoned by Derbyshire County Council in February 2016, it aims to provide an annual snapshot of the emotional health of pupils in Derbyshire secondary schools. The survey is available for all state secondary schools, pupil referral units, special schools and home educated young people across Derbyshire. Participating schools will receive a detailed report after completion of their surveys. All schools in Derbyshire will be contacted with further details on how their school can take part.

The Survey

Who can take part in the survey?

The survey is available to all state secondary schools, pupil referral units, special schools and home educated young people in Derbyshire. There are versions for students in Years 8-11, and we are developing one for Y7.

How is it completed?

The survey is completed online by students at the SchoolSurveys website. 

What's the value in us completing the survey?

The survey will provide a full breakdown of the current behaviour and views of your current year 8 students. These students will then complete the survey in subsequent years until they are in year 11. You will be provided with a full report which gives invaluable insight to your school, enabling better planning of services, interventions and PSHE. This report also provides invaluable evidence for OFSTED on the range of activities available to support students.

Is the survey anonymous?

Yes, the survey is completly anonymous. No identifiying information is collected from young people who complete the survey, your school and your pupils can be confident that the answers they give are not attributable to any individual.

What questions does the survey contain?

The My Life, My View survey contains questions related to emotional health, risk-taking behaviours, social pressures, bullying, views of school and use of the Internet. 

How do we sign up for the survey?

Great! Please sign up here.

How can I find out more?

There are more detailed questions answered below.  For any further information please get in touch with us.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please Note: In this document, we use the word 'school' to refer to schools, Pupil Referral Units (PRUs), special schools and home education services.

  1. What benefits does my school get out of taking part in the survey?
    • You will receive a report for your school showing results about the emotional health and well-being of young people in your school.
    • The survey has been commissioned by the Public Health department at Derbyshire County Council. They will use the results to plan services for young people in Derbyshire.
  2. Which organisations can take part in the survey?
    • Any state school, PRU, special school or home-schooled children within Derbyshire County Council . Independent schools are not eligible to take part in the survey.
  3. Which year groups are being surveyed?
    • The survey is available for Years 8-11.
    • A version for Y7 students is being developed.
  4. Do we need to obtain parental consent to complete the survey with our young people?
    • This is the responsibility of individual schools; we do however think it is good practice to obtain parental consent even though the survey is completely anonymous for those young people taking part. We will provide each participating school with a letter template which seeks ‘Passive’ consent from parents to consent to their child taking part in the survey. Effectively this is in the form of an ‘Opt Out’ letter.
    • We will send you this letter by email and post.
  5. Do young people have to consent to complete the survey?
    • Yes, young people do not have to complete the survey. If a young person indicates that they do not want to complete the survey this should be respected. There should be no pressure or compulsion on young people to have to complete the survey if they state they do not wish to take part.
  6. What do we receive to help us carry out survey?
    • We will send you in advance of the survey by email and post:
      • A one-side-of-A4 Quick Guide
      • Collecting Good Data manual
      • Session Guide for supervisors
      • Supervisor's Feedback Sheet
      • Letter for parents/carers
      • Slideshow for students
    • If you need a duplicate of these then please email us.
  7. How do young people complete the survey?
  8. My school cannot access the online surveys?
    • The SchoolSurveys website can be used through any web browser. If you are having difficulties it may be caused by restrictions in the school’s IT system.
    • If you don't have capacity in your IT systems to complete the survey with all the students you want, please let us know and you can do it using paper booklets.
  9. How do I distribute the survey to young people?
    • Young people complete the survey online using the SchoolSurveys website. You should ensure your young people have access to a desktop computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone to enable completion. Use your School Code (sent separately) to log in.
  10. Will the students be identified?
    • The survey is confidential. The students who take part in the survey will not be identified.
  11. What should I do if young people are absent on the day of completion?
    • Young people who do not complete the survey with the rest of their year group due to sickness or other absence can be asked to complete on their return to school.
  12. What is the time period for completing the survey?
    • Please complete the survey before the end of the Spring Term.
  13. What if only part of the year group can take the survey?
    • We would like as many young people to take part in the survey as possible. This will give the best results both for the county average and your individual school. However, if only part of the year group can take the survey that is acceptable, we would only ask that you inform us of the numbers who will be completing the survey.
  14. What should I do after the young people have completed the surveys?
    • You can set the survey to 'finished' by logging in as a tutor, or just let us know that you've done the survey with all the students you want.
  15. What do we receive following the survey?
    • We will prepare a report based on your school results, which we will send to you by email and post after the last school has completed the survey. The report will contain the aggregate county statistics so you will be able to compare your school results with the county results.
  16. How do we sign up for the survey?


The questionnaire includes a list of support services, which students might wish to refer to after the survey.

Comments about SHEU

"I very much value the contribution the Health Related Behaviour Survey has made to the public health agenda and feel confident it will continue to do so." Tribute from a Director of Public Health to John Balding, presented at his retirement lunch, May 2005

Director of Public Health

"Please send an additional copy of our report - it is the most requested and borrowed item in the whole library." Health Promotion Unit

Health Promotion Unit

"Just to say a huge thank you for all your efforts in helping us with the Health survey amongst pupils. It has provided us with significant data which will be used across the school to help us improve. It helped us to obtain a healthy schools standard as well. I hope we can make this an annual feature as we can track the changing health of our pupils." Headteacher


At the time, the results were very useful and the feedback report very useful and insightful. Significant changes will occur in our schools health and wellbeing provision next year and conducting another survey will certainly help me to ensure I am planning effectively for the needs of our pupils.

Head of Health and Wellbeing

"You have made a fantastic contribution to children’s health education and promotion. I am personally grateful to you for helping to kickstart my research career." Prof. Neil Armstrong tribute to John Balding, presented at his retirement lunch, May 2005

Prof Neil Armstrong

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your talk at last week's conference.

Chief Executive, substance use charity

"Thanks for presenting the survey to local schools this morning, I just wanted to thank you for such interesting and thought-provoking information.  
I’m really glad we were able to take part - the information (particularly headline data and differences) will support us to have some really interesting questions with the Year group as a whole about the sense they’re making of this; what they think it might mean in terms of changes they might make, and what they need to support them in this."

Deputy Headteacher

I've just spent a really interesting half an hour reading through our ...survey (report). Always food for thought and a good way to look at how we can improve.


"I have never looked at myself in this way before." Pupil


"We were talking about (the SHEU survey) data at our recent NSCoPSE Conference, for PSHE advisers and consultants. It would be really helpful if some of this powerful data and the trends could be shared in the consultation around the PSHE Review. Colleagues shared their very positive experiences of (the SHEU survey). It provides excellent evidence of behaviour change for children and young people and of the impact of PSHE and wider interventions."

Personal and Social Development Consultant