School Self-Evaluation Surveys

Online survey: clear, friendly, responsive

Responses from questionnaires are stored in our databanks

Pupils and students can still complete on paper, if you prefer

Questionnaires are fetched by secure courier and logged in the SHEU offices

Questions are composed collaboratively with clients and designed with the pupils and students in mind

The SEF is no longer officially required but some schools are still using the SEF and SHEU will continue to offer schools a Self-Evaluation report

The climate in which schools operate is of course always changing, and some of the changes from the last Government include:sef_1.jpg

* The new OFSTED framework for inspection

* The Every Child Matters White Paper, setting out five groups of outcomes

* The new Healthy Schools standard Schools are also being seen as a key setting for implementing the Choosing Health White Paper.

Our services include:


* HRBQ Lifestyle Survey, a comprehensive questionnaire for pupils particularly relevant to the new Healthy Schools standard

* Every Child Matters survey, a short questionnaire for parents, pupils and staff that addresses each of the five outcomes in the Every Child Matters White Paper

Both questionnaires include issues highlighted in recent Government policy and proposals. Your school will receive a set of tables and a report comparing your results with a reference data set.

We can create a new consultation exercise to satisfy your own particular needs, if you suggest some topics that you want to ask about, we can do the rest.

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Please contact me directly if you are interested learning more about what we can do for you.

Dr. David Regis, Research Manager, SHEU

P.S. We also offer a data processing service: just send us your completed questionnaires and we will return results to you in a format that suits your requirements.