Healthy Schools Audit: Self-Validation Form

We designed an online self-validation form for Healthy Schools, and for each school showed their survey figures alongside the Healthy Schools criteria. Here is an example of a completed form

Example Primary School

Self Validation Form for Healthy Schools Status Theme 2

Healthy Eating

Pupils have the confidence, skills and understanding to make healthy food choices. Healthy and nutritious food and drink is available across the school day. A healthy school...

Criteria for National Healthy School Status ECM links Evidence Provided Grade
OfSTED links
1. has identified a member of the SMT to oversee all aspects of food in schools. 1a,d
Named member of staff deals with all aspects of food in school.
6. monitors pupils’ menus and food choices to inform policy development and provision. 1a,d
Dudley catering and client services monitors food's nutritional value and pupils eating habits via Saffron system. Menus are updated accordingly.
7. has a welcoming eating environment that encourages the positive social interaction of pupils (see Food in Schools guidance) 1d
Highlighted the need for a calmer dinner hall, and have developed a set of guidelines for behaviour at lunchtimes, to ensure a calm environment where children can socialise in a positive manner.
8. ensures that breakfast club, tuck shop, vending machine and after school food service (where available in school) meets or exceeds current Dfes school food standards. 1a,d
School tuck shop has changed menu to follow a more healthy structure.

Outcomes (from survey work)

Please provide information to show how the implementation of the previous activities and developments in Healthy Eating has had an outcome for pupils, staff, parents and carers in your school.

46% of children eat vegetables most days and a further 36% of children eat vegetables 2-3 times a week
67% of children drink water every day and a further 20% drink it 2-3 times a week.
59% of children eat fresh fruit every day and a further 23% eat it 2-3 times a week.

According to the lifestyles survey, the proportion of unhealthy foods compared with healthy foods in the children's diet is small. Nearly all children are eating a healthy meal every day with unhealthy foods eaten in moderation.

Over 70% of children eat 3 or more portions of fruit and vegetable a day.

Children have access to water within the class rooms.

Children, on average, eat fewer chips than they did in the last wave of the survey.