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The SHEU Sex Education Literature search was first published in July - link here
Here are a few more links to articles that will be added to the above 'one of these days' -

Young people's knowledge of a local birth control service

Around 54% of 14-15 year olds don't know if there is a locally available birth control service for young people.
This is one of the findings from the SHEU report, Young People into 2012.
Follow the link below to find results from 1993 -
Young people’s knowledge of local birth control services

Teenage pregnancy - birth control services

SHEU : nationally-recognised, since 1977,
as the specialist provider of reliable local survey data for schools and colleges

Young people’s knowledge of local birth control services

The two charts below show data, since 1993, from thousands of young people who have taken part in SHEU's Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire (HRBQ). They provide a glimpse into young people’s knowledge of local services.


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