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Colours used for reports, other than NHS blue:


Others can be tried, of course.

JSNA - the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

SHEU : nationally-recognised, since 1977,
as the specialist provider of reliable local survey data about young people's health and wellbeing

Get the perception and performance figures you need from SHEU

Since the establishment of the JSNA, SHEU have been providing local authorities with vital data about their young people to inform their planning.

Interactive postcards - whatever next?

We've been using postcards for many years as a way of attracting attention to our survey and research services. The postcards use several illustrations from Brighton-based designer Karen Donnelly   They remain very popular and have enabled thousands of people to join our research emailing services and discover more about SHEU surveys.

Client Downloads

This page is for clients to download files.  If you are not sure whether you should be looking at this page, you should not!

Files will be removed when no longer needed; please tell us if this has not been done or if a file you need cannot be found.

N.B. This page ( /downloads ) can be seen without logging in and is for general downloads only.

Tellus5 - What next?

Tellus5 - What next?

The Government has decided to stop the delivery of the Tellus5 survey.
SHEU provide authorities with unique data about their school pupils.

Please click on the image below to view the pdf


Evaluation and Monitoring - Example

The Evaluation & Monitoring Service

The Evaluation & Monitoring (E&M) Service will be developed in consultation with your CFP and administered by our staff or appropriate workers locally. It is our aim to involve representatives of all those groups with a stake in service delivery at all stages, including children and young people.

The purpose of the service would be to enable your CFP to:

Data collection

SHEU provides Data Collection and Analysis Services for clients who are involved in a range of sectors including Health and Education. A list of data processing work is provided.

Data collection

Data entry projects

Title Commissioner
Workplace experiences of staff with disabilities pluss
Fear appeals in health education Saving Faces
Improving Practice Questionnaire for GPs


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