Young People into...

We have simultaneously released our two missing volumes of the Young People... series:

Young People into 2016


Young People into 2017.


Since 1977 - 37 years of Children and Young People Surveys

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Missing PDFs

We have noticed that some pdf files from the old website do not automatically link to files on the new website.

Please click on the links below:-

Young People in 2000

A unique contemporary archive of young people, Young People in 2000 - web edition provides the answers to over 100 health-related behaviour questions.

Report on drugs

If you are particularly interested in cannabis, in 2011 we showed that about 1 in 5 pupils in Year 10 had tried at least one drug with up to 11% of Year 10 pupils reporting they tried cannabis. However, figures from 1986, show a declining trend from around 2003 of those who reported taking cannabis.


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