20 years of #children and young people's fitness. #healthed #physed

Since 1991, the Schools Health Education Unit have asked over 477,000 young people about their fitness.
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Physical activity, academic attainment and achievement

Physical activity, physical education, exercise, fitness, sport, school, ability, attainment, academic, achievement, performance and educational benefits.

SHEU are often asked questions, about Internet links to recent research, that contain a number of the above keywords.

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Fit to Succeed

The Fit to Succeed programme involves much more than just the online survey but if you would like to try it out do get in touch.


Sports Colleges

SHEU is working with Sports Colleges and Partnerships to help make a positive contribution to the health and well being of their students.

See also...Fit to Succeed survey

SHEU is currently providing survey services to the Youth Sports Trust:

The Youth Sports Trust – Sports College Surveys


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