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Jonathan Glazzard, 2018. The Role of Schools in Supporting Children and Young People’s Mental Health. Education and Health 36(3), 83-88. PDF

Alicia C. Stapp and P. Renee Hill-Cunningham, 2018. Examining Classroom Physical Activity Integration: A Mixed Methods Analysis. Education and Health 36(3), 76-82. PDF

David Kirk, 2018. Physical Education-as-Health Promotion: Recent developments and future issues. Education and Health 36(3), 70-75. PDF

Mark D. Griffiths, 2018. Adolescent social networking: How do social media operators facilitate habitual use? Education and Health 36(3), 66-69. PDF

Joleen A. Lewis, 2018. Promoting positive PSHE - Our approach at Lostock College. Education and Health 36(3), 63-65. PDF

Michelle S. Springer, 2018. Five years on: are we still swimming against the tide? Education and Health 36(2), 57-61. PDF

Natasha Fletcher, 2018. Giving young people a voice Education and Health 36(2), 52-56. PDF

David Regis, 2018. Trends among young people Education and Health 36(2), 48-51. PDF

Emily Kruger, 2018. Mental toughness is a predictor of suicidality in university students Education and Health 36(2), 42-47. PDF

Darren Dornstauder and David Chorney, 2018. Comprehensive school physical activity program components and their effects on physical activity promotion Education and Health 36(2), 33-41. PDF

Angela Balding and David Regis, 2018. Young People towards 2018 Education and Health 36(1), 26-30. PDF

Tara L. Crowell, Elizabeth G. Calamidas and Laura Engelmann, 2018. Assessing school wellness through AtlantiCare Healthy Schools-Healthy Children Grants Education and Health 36(1), 11-24. PDF

Lucy Emmerson, 2018. Helping schools to be ready for statutory RSE Education and Health 36(1), 10. PDF

Christine Williams and Whitney Katirai, 2018. Improving Online Teaching Efficacy using Bloom’s Taxonomy Education and Health 36(1), 7-9. PDF

Mark D. Griffiths and Janarthanan Balakrishnan, 2018. The psychosocial impact of excessive selfie-taking in youth: A brief overview Education and Health 36(1), 3-6. PDF

Annemien Haveman-Nies, Marieke CE Battjes-Fries, Wieteke M van Wijhe-van Zadelhoff and Jeltje H Snel, 2017. No change no progress: why school-based nutrition education programmes should continue to evolve . Education and Health 35(4),  PDF

Amy Basford, Hannah Fawcett and Jeremy Oldfield, 2017. Exploring first year psychology students’ experiences of their transition from pre-tertiary to university education. Education and Health 35(4),  PDF

Sophie McPhee, 2017. Why there was no depression amongst cavemen- the approach of Queen Mary’s Grammar School to the delivery of PSHE. Education and Health 35(4),  PDF

Rebecah MacGilleEathain, 2017. Conducting sex and relationships research with young people in secondary schools: the use of clickers as an interactive and confidential data collection method. Education and Health 35(4),  PDF

Michelle Jayman, Maddie Ohl, Pauline Fox and Bronach Hughes, 2017. Beyond evidence-based interventions: implementing an integrated approach to promoting pupil mental wellbeing in schools with Pyramid club. Education and Health 35(4), 36-38. PDF

John Rees, 2017. SMSC, wellbeing and school improvement – the links and opportunities. Education and Health 35(3), 63-67. PDF

Emma L Davies and Fiona A I Matley, 2017. Research on school-based interventions needs more input from teachers. Education and Health 35(3), 60-62. PDF

David Regis, 2017. Vulnerable pupils and substance use: an analysis of SHEU survey data. Education and Health 35(3), 58-59. PDF

Christine Williams, Alessandra Sarcona and Dara Dirhan, 2017. Teaching Media Literacy and Ad Deconstruction for Making Healthier Food Choices. Education and Health 35(3), 53-55. PDF

Claire Kelly, 2017. Mindfulness in Schools Project. Education and Health 35(2), 36-38. PDF


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