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Tracy Kirk 2011. Teenage Pregnancy Services: The 'Stoke Model' of early identification and intervention. Education and Health 29(2),38-40. PDF

Neil Armstrong 2011. Children are still fit, but not active!. Education and Health 29(3),43-45. PDF

Mark D. Griffiths and Daria J. Kuss 2011. Adolescent social networking: Should parents and teachers be worried?. Education and Health 29(2),23-25. PDF

Richard Larouche 2011. Are today's children fit and active?. Education and Health 29(2),32-35. PDF

Triece Turnbull 2011. Sex and Relationship Education in British families: How do we move forward?. Education and Health 29(2),35-37. PDF

Neil Morris and Niall D. Galbraith 2011. Mild hypoglycaemia and educational performance. Education and Health 29(2),28-31. PDF

Colette Hallas 2011. Developing Student Health and Wellbeing Services in Secondary Schools. Education and Health 29(2),26-27. PDF

Stewart Attridge 2011. The Sexual Health Educator and the provision of Sex Education in Wales. Education and Health 29(3),46-50. PDF

Ian Wellard 2011. Girls and Physical Activities: an update. Education and Health 29(3),51-52. PDF

Sarah Kendal 2011. Guided self-help: a feasible and acceptable way for schools to promote emotional wellbeing in students. Education and Health 29(3),53-57. PDF

SHEU 2011. Young People and their Health-Related Behaviour. Education and Health 29(3),58-60. PDF

Katharine Bruce 2011. Every Child Matters - Health Related Behaviour survey in North Yorkshire: a case study. Education and Health 29(4),63-67. PDF

Daria J. Kuss and Mark D. Griffiths 2011. Excessive online social networking: Can adolescents become addicted to Facebook?. Education and Health 29(4),68-71. PDF

Daniel Wight 2011. The effectiveness of school-based sex education: What do rigorous evaluations in Britain tell us?. Education and Health 29(4),72-78. PDF

Wayne Usher 2011. Social Media and Early 21st Century School Health Education In Australia. Education and Health 29(4),79-82. PDF

David Regis 2011. The end of self-esteem?. Education and Health 29(4),83-84. PDF

Larouche, R (2011). Are today's children fit and active? Education and Health 29(2),32-35. PDF

Balding,A 2011. 'Fit to Succeed' and academic achievement. Education and Health 29(1),6-7. PDF

Hamon,J 2011. Healthy Schools Plus - 'Food Factor'. Education and Health 29(1),11-15. PDF

Pratt,J 2011. Cambridgeshire schools are looking to the future. Education and Health 29(1),3-5. PDF

Warin,J 2011. Stories of Self: tracking children's identity and wellbeing through the school years. Education and Health 29(1),19-20. PDF

Nyman,KR et al. 2011. Drawings of self and best friend by children undergoing dialysis. Education and Health 29(1),16-18. PDF

Bird,S 2011. Skin cancer prevention and teenagers: the role of schools. Education and Health 29(1),8-10. PDF

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