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Whitney Katirai, Christine Williams, Matin Katirai and Shannon Fyalkowski, 2018.The relationship between depression, stress, and alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) among college students from 2010-2015. Education and Health 36(4), 91-98. PDF

Marks,E 2010. A drugs and alcohol awareness programme developed, with 12-13 year olds, by the SW Ambulance Service. Education and Health 28(3)42-45. PDF

Campbell,M McManus,K O'Neill,M Friel,M 2010. Western Trust school-based health improvement interventions prevent smoking and other unhealthy lifestyle behaviours,. Education and Health 28(2),39-40. PDF

Hallgarten,L 2010. 'Talk About Choice'. Education and Health 28(4),79-90. PDF

Wheelock,V 2010. Reflections on school meals legislation. Education and Health 28(4),77-78. PDF

Williams,JM Muldoon,J Lawrence,A 2010. Children and their pets: Exploring the relationships between ownership, attitudes, attachment and empathy,. Education and Health 28(3),12-15. PDF

Beveridge,S Thomson,C 2010. Health Buddies in Schools: a Peer Led Sexual Health and Relationships Education Project in two Dundee Secondary Schools,. Education and Health 28(3),46-50. PDF

Griffiths,MD 2010. The role of parents in the development of gambling behaviour in adolescents. Education and Health 28(3),51-54. PDF

SHEU 2010. Young People into 2010,. Education and Health 28(3),55-56,. PDF

Evans,A Pinel,S 2010. Working with young smokers: The development and implementation of a tailored behavioral support intervention model within Upper Schools in North Bedfordshire,. Education and Health 28(3),57-60. PDF

McIver,K 2010. Ur Choice' : an innovative approach to relationships and sex education. Education and Health 28(4),63-65. PDF

Griffiths,MD 2010. Age ratings on video games: Are they effective?. Education and Health 28(4),65-68. PDF

Aleixo,P Norris,CE 2010. The Comic Book Textbook. Education and Health 28(4),72-74. PDF

Stylianou,H 2010. 'A Practical Guide to Becoming a Healthy College'. Education and Health 28(4),75-76. PDF

Griffiths,MD 2010. Trends in technological advance: Implications for sedentary behaviour and obesity in screenagers. Education and Health 28(2),35-38. PDF

Harrow,P 2010. Healthy FE : Barnsley College,. Education and Health 28(1),18-19. PDF

National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy 2010. That's what he said: What guys think about sex, love, contraception and relationships,. Education and Health 28(1),20. PDF

Griffiths,MD 2010. Media and advertising influences on adolescent risk behaviour. Education and Health 28(1),2-5. PDF

Rich,M 2010. Teach Your Children Well,. Education and Health 28(1),5-6. PDF

Regis,D 2010. Street-wise? Substance use in town and country as reported by young people,. Education and Health 28(1),7-9. PDF

O'Higgins-Norman,J 2010. Homophobic Bullying in Irish Education,. Education and Health 28(1),9-10. PDF

McInnes,A Blackwell,D 2010. An analysis of the drinking trends of school age children in Sunderland,. Education and Health 28(2),23-26. PDF

Birch,K 2010. Collaborative working between colleges and health in Kirklees,. Education and Health 28(2),27-29,. PDF

Shaw,L 2010. Cut Films: challenging young people to make films to help discourage their peers from taking up smoking,. Education and Health 28(2),30-32. PDF

Plunkett,B 2010. Lincoln College: promoting health with young men,. Education and Health 28(2),32-33. PDF


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