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Once in awhile SHEU, the Schools and Students Health Education Unit, produce a SHEUNews.

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Quality statement

At SHEU, we strive to achieve the highest obtainable quality in all our activities and are committed to continuous improvement of our services.
Quality Assurance is overseen by the Directors and senior managers. QA procedures are documented in the QA Manual and communicated to staff through meetings, presentations and messages. A monthly meeting reviews procedures and changes to practices agreed where necessary.

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Report colours

Colours used for reports, other than NHS blue:


Others can be tried, of course.

Do girls or boys eat more fresh fruit?

New SHEU data, from 1999-2010, show that girls, more than boys, and 10-11 year olds, more than older children, report eating fresh fruit 'on most days'.
Follow this link for the chart
Data from: 'Food: Now and Then - Young People's Food Choices'
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