Q: Does anyone smoke in a car when you are in it too? A: 20% of children said yes #SHEUres

According to the BBC, a plan to ban smoking in cars carrying children is due to be put to a vote in the House of Lords today.

Another BBC story quotes James Cant, head of the British Lung Foundation Scotland, pointed to a 2010 NHS study in England which found that about 18% of children aged 11 to 15 were exposed to smoke in cars.

#SHEUres asks - What does SRE stand for?

What does SRE stand for?
According to the following weblink there are 44 definitions.
Not sure if I prefer Size Reduction Equipment or Snow Removal Equipment !

Cold calls

Pretty Good Privacy

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Word Search spreadsheet

Here's a Word Search maker. 

It's a Excel 2010 spreadsheet.  You can print directly from the Excel sheet or paste from it into your favourite word processor.

It has macros enabled; the macro makes it easier to see what you are doing and to produce an solution grid (all the distractor letters are randomly generated, and are shown as white-on-white for the solution grid).

I'm sure you can do this sort of thing for yourselves, but you might find it useful if you haven't done it for yourself just yet...

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