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In order to help journalists and others find some good news about young people's attitudes to health and wellbeing, we have highlighted some on this page.


Latest links from #SHEUres to links about 16+ yr olds and .. Food .. Drugs .. Relationships .. Education .. Exercise .. Health

Welcome to the latest links from #SHEUres to research about 16+ year olds.
"I know of no other similar way of quickly accessing research for children and young people across disciplines and sectors."  Lecturer
Included in the list -
Is There an Association between Casual Sex and Mental Health among Emerging Adults?
Does being overweight impede academic attainment?
Mental Health and Education Decisions

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Example - ‘Getting fit basically just means, like, nonfat’: children's lessons in fitness and fatness
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Health problems for teenagers in 1981

Following a SHEU school survey in 1981, a Health Coordinator in a comprehensive school wrote one of the first articles for the journal Education and Health (see below).
Among the valuable bits of information gleaned from the survey were results also supported by a youth leader from a nearby youth club.
Which one of the following did the youth leader feel was the main health problem among local teenagers ...?
Drug taking
Personal hygiene
Alcohol abuse
Lack of sex education / poor relationships

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