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School management of pupils with a lack of sleep – can you help?

The journal, Education and Health, is interested to hear from teachers, school nurses and others in the UK if they have been involved in research about how schools manage secondary or primary pupils with a lack of sleep.

In September, the journal will publish a number of articles about this topic.
There will be articles about research in Australia and the USA.
From the UK there will be articles about the Sound Sleep project and the Better Brains with More Sleep project including the Time To Learn survey.

Probably the quintessential health and wellbeing research archive

Latest health and wellbeing research about 11-16 year olds with over 50 links including ...
"Should young people be paid for chlamydia screening?"
... and ...
"Is there an association between exposure to images of alcohol use in movies and binge drinking among adolescents?"
One satisfied user of the SHEU research emails has said,
"I am very impressed with the content of the research news. Thank you very much indeed." Health Improvement Officer.

Youngsters eat more veg less crisps

A new report from SHEU, Food: Now and Then, shows a declining trend (1987-2010) of youngsters who report eating crisps (also seen in other research) and a rising trend (1999-2010) of youngsters who report eating vegetables.
Follow the link for more details Food: Now and Then
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The specialist provider of reliable local survey data for schools and colleges

Self-esteem, research and young people

SHEU carry out research and provide Internet links to studies about young people's health and wellbeing.
Measurements of self-esteem are often included in the study papers and perhaps no other topic has produced so many, often conflicting, theories.  

To help you on your voyage of discovery, SHEU's latest list of Internet links should set you off in the right direction.

Self-esteem, research and young people - links from SHEU

Measurements of self-esteem are often included in research about young people. 

SHEUs latest list of Internet links (mostly to full articles) that is not definitive - please let us know about other links that you think are helpful (links to pdf/full text if available).



Physical activity, academic attainment and achievement

Physical activity, physical education, exercise, fitness, sport, school, ability, attainment, academic, achievement, performance and educational benefits.

SHEU are often asked questions, about Internet links to recent research, that contain a number of the above keywords.

The literature search has been updated and moved to - /content/page/sheu-literature-search

Young people enjoy school lessons

SHEU asked young people, "How many lessons do you enjoy at school?"

Data from 51,498 10-15 year olds show that the majority report enjoying 'most' or 'about half' of their school lessons.

Follow this link for a pdf of a page with more details from the "Young People into 2011" report.

This item is from the file "positive stories about young people from SHEU that have not yet received media attention".


Cricket helping bad behaviour and the brain structure of video gamers

Each month you can receive the SHEU research resource emails about young people's health and wellbeing.
This month's email about 11-16 year olds has many links including:

"Teachers looking for calmer classrooms, more tolerant, respectful and well-behaved pupils should introduce cricket, according to new research."
... and ...
"This small study analysed a part of the brain associated with rewards and decision-making and showed that the grey matter of this area was larger in frequent video game players compared to infrequent players."

Guernsey Parents' and Carers' Survey 2011

We are pleased to announce the publication of the report for the Guernsey Parents' and Carers' Survey 2011.

A PDF of the report and the slideshow can be downloaded from


Williams, R & States of Guernsey Education Department (2011). Guernsey Parents' and Carer's Survey 2011. Exeter: SHEU.  ISBN 978 1 902445 42 3


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