Health Promotion

You may be aware of our services and how they provide baseline data about the health related issues from local communities for programme and service planning e.g. JSNA.

We are best known for our lifestyle surveys and have over 30 years experience of carrying out local population surveys that cover a broad range of subjects including: smoking, diet, alcohol consumption, drug use, physical activity, fitness, safety, accidental injury, self reported health, sex and relationships and use of medical services.

Healthy Schools Surveys

The Healthy Schools Programme (NHSP) was a joint initiative between DCSF and Department of Health (DH) - which promoted a whole school / whole child approach to health. The Programme began in 1999. It was recognised as a key delivery mechanism in the Children’s Plan (DCSF 2007) and in Healthy Weight, healthy Lives (DH 2008) – 21st Century White Paper reference.
The Healthy Schools Programme had several aims:


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