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Comments about research links

"I find this information extremely useful."

Healthy Schools Co-ordinator

"The (research) emails are very helpful."

Healthy Schools Development Worker

"After many years I am retiring from my role as an educational consultant so will no longer require your resource. However many thanks for it as it has been most useful in helping to support my schools with all aspects of Health and Wellbeing."

Educational Consultant (retired)

"The (research emails) are very useful in my job as PSHE Coordinator and also for supporting the development of our onsite health centre."

PSHE Coordinator

"I find your emails very useful."

Assistant Director of Public Health

" ... this is a really useful resource."

Health & Care Coordinator

"I glean so much useful information from the research emails."

PSHE Manager

"I often use your research to back up the training I do for schools. Keep up the good work."

School Improvement Adviser

"They (Research News) are a wonderful resource to work with in my role as Connexions Health PA."

Connexions Personal Advisor

"The simple email-with-links-system works well for me and the links are extremely relevant for my line of work. I use the information to keep up to date with current health issues and research."

Healthy Schools Advisor