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"Much of your output is outstanding and most is extremely useful."

PSHE Coordinator

"I find your emails very useful."

Assistant Director of Public Health

"The (research) emails are very helpful."

Healthy Schools Development Worker

"I find the (research emails) very helpful." x

PSHE Co-ordinator

"Many thanks for sending the research news. It's a super resource - very interesting and informative."

Learning Adviser

"The simple email-with-links-system works well for me and the links are extremely relevant for my line of work. I use the information to keep up to date with current health issues and research."

Healthy Schools Advisor

"I find the emails very informative."

Manager Children's Services

"The Pastoral Team greatly value the up to date information that we receive from SHEU."

Vice Principal

"The emails are useful for me to keep an eye open for relevant research. Please keep them coming!"

Joint Commissioning Manager

"... it's easy to select from the list the links I am interested in, want to read more about, or want to forward to our team. The categories are useful... I have lifted findings or quotes into my training."

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