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"I glean so much useful information from the research emails."

PSHE Manager

"Thank you for the report. Can I say - it is really informative and interesting to read. Really helps with our school development."

PSHE Co-ordinator

"The (research emails) are an excellent way of keeping on top of current research relating to the health of young people - I find them really useful."

Health Advisor Children's Services

"I find this information extremely useful."

Healthy Schools Co-ordinator

"I find the emails very informative."

Manager Children's Services

"They are excellent emails as they provide me with very relevant information and items for discussion in lessons."

Head of PSHCE

"I find the research emails an invaluable source for keeping up-to-date with developments within the field."

Senior Lecturer

"My colleagues in the Health Improvement Dept find the (research emails) very useful and informative."

Health Improvement Manager

"It is very useful to receive an overview of current research and to find an article about a topic that we are working on."

PSHE Manager

"Thanks - very interesting. Please could I subscribe."

College Nurse