Comments about research links

"The Pastoral Team greatly value the up to date information that we receive from SHEU."

Vice Principal

"Please continue to send this bulletin it is very useful."

"Most helpful, thanks"

National Health Education Group member

"They (Research News) are a wonderful resource to work with in my role as Connexions Health PA."

Connexions Personal Advisor

"SHEU research is a wonderful tool and very useful to several of the teaching staff here plus the library research files. Keep up your amazing work."

School Librarian

"I find the (research emails) very helpful." x

PSHE Co-ordinator

"The research news has really interesting links, a welcome addition to SHEU's work, and forwarded to our HeadTeacher who is very committed to addressing the links between diet and behaviour."

Head of Family and Child Care

"I find the research emails an invaluable source for keeping up-to-date with developments within the field."

Senior Lecturer

"I like the format, easy to read, links work!"

Research and Statistics Officer

"I regularly read your (research emails) and use them as resources."

Healthy College Coordinator