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age 5-11

Pupils aged 5-11


Comments about research links

"I know of no other similar way of quickly accessing research for children and young people across disciplines and sectors."


"Thank you for the report. Can I say - it is really informative and interesting to read. Really helps with our school development."

PSHE Co-ordinator

" ... emails from SHEU always have interesting pieces of research relating to young people."

Head of Health & Social Sciences

"The simple email-with-links-system works well for me and the links are extremely relevant for my line of work. I use the information to keep up to date with current health issues and research."

Healthy Schools Advisor

"I glean so much useful information from the research emails."

PSHE Manager

"Still enjoying the emails and finding them very useful."

Drugs Advisor

"I regularly read your (research emails) and use them as resources."

Healthy College Coordinator

"Always interesting to read perspective you offer."

Learning Resources Manager

"The emails from SHEU are a useful resource for planning the PSHE programme."

PSHE Consultant

"Yes please - I find the information extremely useful in my work here."

Head of Student Health