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  • Food

  • Food
Links about: age 5-11
* [Food Archive 5-11] [Food Latest 5-11] [Top]
* How Food as a Reward Is Detrimental to Children's Health, Learning, and Behavior
* Evaluation of the impact of school gardening interventions on children's knowledge of and attitudes towards fruit and vegetables
* Health literacy and parent attitudes about weight control for children
* Associations between Food Outlets around Schools and BMI among Primary Students in England
* Accuracy of self-reported intake of signature foods in a school meal intervention study
* The benefits of breakfast clubs
* The impact of overweight cartoon characters on children's consumption of unhealthy foods
* A Traditional Diet Is Associated with a Reduced Risk of Eczema and Wheeze in Colombian Children
* Diet quality across early childhood and adiposity at 6 years
* Longitudinal evaluation of 100% fruit juice consumption on BMI status in 2–5-year-old children
* Getting children to embrace healthy food ... and ... research
* Timing of school meals as a predisposing factor for childhood overweight and obesity
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Food Archive 11-16] [Food Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Depressed affect and dietary restraint in adolescent boys' and girls' eating in the absence of hunger
* Predicting gender differences in liking for vegetables and preference for a variety of vegetables among 11-year-old children
* Food for thought: promoting healthy diets among children and young people
* Parental \ household norms: Do they influence adolescent consumption - A study of milk selection and consumption among 11-13 year olds
* The role of television viewing and direct experience in predicting adolescents' beliefs about the health risks of fast-food consumption
* The role of curriculum dose for the promotion of fruit and vegetable intake among adolescents
* Behavioural ‘nudges’ effective in encouraging healthy eating in schools
* Middle School-Aged Child Enjoyment of Food Tastings Predicted Interest in Nutrition Education on Osteoporosis Prevention
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Food Archive 16+] [Food Latest 16+] [Top]
* Perceptions of university students regarding calories, food healthiness, and the importance of calorie information in menu labelling
* Simply adding the word “fruit” makes sugar healthier: The misleading effect of symbolic information on the perceived healthiness of food
* A pilot study examining the effects of consuming a high-protein vs normal-protein breakfast on free-living glycemic control in overweight/obese ‘breakfast skipping’ adolescents
* “Fitness” Foods May Cause Consumers to Eat More and Exercise Less
* Higher intake of chocolate may be associated with lower cardiovascular disease and mortality ... and ... research
* Do' is better than 'don't' when it comes to eating better

  • Drugs

  • Drugs
Links about: age 5-11
* [Drugs Archive 5-11] [Drugs Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Process evaluation of a sport-for-health intervention to prevent smoking amongst primary school children: SmokeFree Sports
* Rising rate of marijuana exposure in US among children 5 years old and younger
* Smoking legislation prevents more than 11,000 child hospital admissions in England
* Parental smoking and child poverty in the UK
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Drugs Archive 11-16] [Drugs Latest 11-16] [Top]
* More pupils in England aged between 11 and 15 have tried electronic cigarettes than have tried smoking [regular use of e-cigarettes is 1% p.27]
* Only half of 11-15 year olds say schools give enough information about drinking and drugs
* Alcohol harm-reduction intervention on adolescents : an analysis effects on higher risk pupils who had already drunk without adult supervision
* The impact of early life stress on risk of tobacco smoking initiation by adolescents.
* Teenage smoking behaviour following a high-school smoking ban in Chile
* Individual, school-related and family characteristics distinguish co-occurrence of drinking and depressive symptoms in very young adolescents
* What Role Do Changes in the Demographic Composition Play in the Declining Trends in Alcohol Consumption and the Increase of Non-drinkers Among Swedish Youth?
* The Effectiveness of the Life Skills Program IPSY for the Prevention of Adolescent Tobacco Use
* Individual, school-related and family characteristics distinguish co-occurrence of drinking and depressive symptoms in very young adolescents
* What are the main sources of smoking cessation support used by adolescent smokers in England?
* Trends in the co-occurrence of tobacco and cannabis use in 15-year-olds from 2002 to 2010 in 28 countries of Europe and North America
* One-Year Effects of Project EX in Spain: A Classroom-Based Smoking Prevention and Cessation Intervention Program
* Medical marijuana laws and adolescent marijuana use in the USA from 1991 to 2014
* Children aged 11 to 16 who have never smoked do not regularly use e-cigarettes
* Risk and Protective Factors for Cigarette Use in Young Adolescents in a School Setting: What Could Be Done Better?
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Drugs Archive 16+] [Drugs Latest 16+] [Top]
* Regularly drinking just above recommended alcohol levels can be harmful
* A Glass Half Full? The decline in young people drinking to excess
* Young adult e-cigarette users’ reasons for liking and not liking e-cigarettes
* Non-medical use of prescription pain relievers among high school students in China
* Examination of Substance Use, Risk Factors, and Protective Factors on Student Academic Test Score Performance
* Young people's views about drugs
* A qualitative investigation of the role of the family in structuring young people’s alcohol use
* Mixed findings on medical efficacy of cannabis
* Alcohol Brands Consumed by Young People in Treatment
* Why e-cigarettes are dividing the public health community
* Adolescents uncertain about risks of marijuana, e-cigarettes... and ... research
* Highly educated women stop smoking if the cost goes up
* Facebook and Twitter could be used to help people quit smoking ... and ... research
* Effectiveness of Motivational Incentives for Adolescent Marijuana Users in a School-Based Intervention
* Those Believing Alcohol As “Heart Healthy” Drink Much More Than Counterparts
* The Changing Pattern of Domestic Cannabis Cultivation in the United Kingdom and Its Impact on the Cannabis Market
* Alcohol - some encouraging trends : Recent drinking trends have shown that we are drinking less frequently compared with a decade ago
* Why Don’t Smokers Want Help to Quit?
* Disappointing findings from real-world trial of brief alcohol interventions for college students
* Social media helps young adults quit smoking
* KCA Young Persons' Service survey new psychoactive substances incl. legal highs
* Youths drink less where alcohol laws for adults are tougher
* Briefing from Tobacco Control on electronic cigarettes
* Any Dose of Alcohol Combined With Cannabis Significantly Increases Levels of THC

  • SRE

  • SRE
Links about: age 5-11
* [RSE Archive 5-11] [RSE Latest 5-11] [Top]
Links about: aged 11-16
* [RSE Archive 11-16] [RSE Latest 11-16] [Top]
* US teenage use of over-the-counter morning-after pill doubles in a decade
* Sexual Activity and Condom Use among Israeli Adolescents
* Teenage pregnancy rates in Scotland continue to fall
* Longer secondary schooling in Botswana substantially reduces the risk of contracting HIV, particularly for girls
* Reaching the hard to reach: longitudinal investigation of adolescents’ attendance at an after-school sexual and reproductive health programme in Western Cape, South Africa
* Educating for diversity: an evaluation of a sexuality diversity workshop to address secondary school bullying
* Swedish sex education has time for games and mature debate
* Teenage Childbearing and Educational Attainment in South Africa
* ‘It's all scientific to me’: focus group insights into why young people do not apply safe-sex knowledge
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [RSE Archive 16+] [RSE Latest 16+] [Top]
* School-Based Sex Education and Neuroscience: What We Know About Sex, Romance, Marriage, and Adolescent Brain Development
* Chlamydia trachomatis testing among young people: what is the role of stigma?
* Sexual Behavior and Contraceptive Use among 18- to 19-Year-Old Adolescent Women by Weight Status
* The Relationship Between Academic Achievement And Nonmarital Teenage Childbearing

  • Exercise

  • Exercise
Links about: age 5-11
* [Exercise Archive 5-11] [Exercise Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Effect of Taekwondo Training on Physical Fitness and Growth Index According to IGF-1 Gene Polymorphism in Children
* An effect of physical activity-based recreation programs on children’s optimism, humor styles, and school life adjustment
* Can physical education and physical activity outcomes be developed simultaneously using a game-centered approach?
* Change4Life: evidence review on physical activity in children
* Associations Between Extracurricular Activity and Self-Regulation: A Longitudinal Study From 5 to 10 Years of Age
* Children’s physical activity levels during primary school break times
* The association between the parental perception of the physical neighborhood environment and children’s location-specific physical activity
* What is the Relationship between Risky Outdoor Play and Health in Children?
* Child fitness falls further than feared
* Social and Environmental Factors Related to Boys’ and Girls’ Park-Based Physical Activity
* "Should I let my child take more risks?"
* "We're not saying video games should replace outdoor play, but …"
* Reducing children's classroom sitting time using sit-to-stand desks: findings from pilot studies in UK and Australian primary schools
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Exercise Archive 11-16] [Exercise Latest 11-16] [Top]
* The Effectiveness of Interventions on Sustained Childhood Physical Activity
* Do Motives to Undertake Physical Activity Relate to Physical Activity in Adolescent Boys and Girls?
* Girls at Higher Risk for Overuse Injuries in High School Sports
* One in four children thinks playing computer games is 'exercise' ... and ... The class of 2035 report
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Exercise Archive 16+] [Exercise Latest 16+] [Top]
* How active are people in metropolitan parks? An observational study of park visitation in Australia
* Does stretching before exercising reduce the risk of injury?
* Why don’t people exercise, even a little?
* Extreme exercise linked to blood poisoning
* The number of people in England who regularly take part in sport is rising

  • Health

  • Health
Links about: age 5-11
* [Health Archive 5-11] [Health Latest 5-11] [Top]
* The Impact of Family Rules on Children's Eating Habits, Sedentary Behaviors, and Weight Status
* Simple classroom measures may reduce the impact of ADHD: But more robust research is needed to identify best approach
* Color of Urine to Be Valid Gauge for Hydration in Children ... and ... research
* The health and care of young people : compilation of information on young people living in England and their health, care and wellbeing.
* Green spaces and cognitive development in primary schoolchildren
* Correlates of Total Sedentary Time and Screen Time in 9–11 Year-Old Children around the World
* Kids’ Altruism Linked with Better Physiological Regulation, Less Family Wealth
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Health Archive 11-16] [Health Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Understanding Child Development for children 13-18 years : A free resource [App] for social workers, teachers, parents etc
* Gender disparities among the association between cumulative family-level stress & adolescent weight status
* Adolescent Problematic Social Networking and School Experiences: The Mediating Effects of Sleep Disruptions and Sleep Quality
* From spotty skin to safe sex, I'm proud to help young people as a school nurse
* Are 13-15 year-olds confused about their size and weight?
* Overweight teens 'do not see themselves as too heavy' ... and ... research
* Children and young people's survey 2014 : the experiences of 19,000 children and young people receiving NHS inpatient or day case care
* Factors Associated With Problems for Adolescents Returning to the Classroom After Sport-Related Concussion
* "Why Are Teens So Moody And Impulsive? This Neuroscientist Has The Answer"
* Why are more teens developing anorexia?
* No mean city: adolescent health and risk behaviours in a UK urban setting
* Eating disorder hospital admissions nearly double
* Weight-Related Behaviors When Children Are in School Versus on Summer Breaks: Does Income Matter?
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Health Archive 16+] [Health Latest 16+] [Top]
* Prevalence of Pain Symptoms Suggestive of Endometriosis Among Finnish Adolescent Girls
* Healthy weight and lifestyle advertisements: an assessment of their persuasive potential
* Does a lack of sleep lead to a lack of self-control?
* Access to electricity is linked to reduced sleep
* Accessing evidence to inform public health policy: a study to enhance advocacy
* Paying people incentives to make healthy choices only works in the long term if they are paid to NOT do something

  • Lifestyle

  • Lifestyle
Links about: age 5-11
* [Lifestyle Archive 5-11] [Lifestyle Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Children make and maintain friendships with those different to themselves, but social class, more than ethnicity, remains a barrier to friendship
* Peer Group Norms and Accountability Moderate the Effect of School Norms on Children's Intergroup Attitudes
* Scary TV’s impact on kids is overstated
* Strength-based parenting improves children’s resilience and stress levels
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Lifestyle Archive 11-16] [Lifestyle Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Trends in Cyberbullying and School Bullying Victimization in a Regional Census of High School Students
* Factors Affecting Adolescents' Involvement in Cyberbullying: What Divides the 20% from the 80%?
* UK Council for Child Internet Safety : Research summaries
* "Survival of the Fittest and the Sexiest Evolutionary Origins of Adolescent Bullying"
* Everything You Know About Boys and Video Games Is Wrong
* 70% of parents agree that life is tougher for teenagers now than it was for them.
* Does parental monitoring moderate the relationship between bullying and adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury and suicidal behavior?
* Are daily spiritual experiences, self-esteem, and family harmony predictors of cyberbullying among high school student?
* Peer victimisation during adolescence and its impact on depression in early adulthood: prospective cohort bullying study in the United Kingdom
* Children’s Pocket Money falls for the second year in a row
* The role of technology in peer harassment: does it amplify harm for youth?
* Time Trends in Bullying Behavior in Italy
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Lifestyle Archive 16+] [Lifestyle Latest 16+] [Top]
* Public school students in Australia twice as likely to be bullied as private school pupils
* Study finds violent video games provide quick stress relief, but at a price
* Online computer game can help shed weight and reduce food intake
* It could be you? Perhaps, but lottery success just got more complicated
* Unplanned purchases: Why does that Snickers bar looks better the longer you shop?

  • Education

  • Education
Links about: age 5-11
* [Education Archive 5-11] [Education Latest 5-11] [Top]
* The effects of general interpersonal and bullying-specific teacher behaviors on pupils’ bullying behaviors at school
* School Gardens Enhance Academic Performance and Dietary Outcomes in Children
* Philosophy discussions for ten year olds can boost their reading and maths
* Five useful ways teachers can help pupils transition to secondary school
* Addressing childhood obesity at school entry : Qualitative experiences of school health professionals
* No quick fix for pupils with a fixed mindset about their own intelligence
* Able pupils from poorer homes 'less likely to be judged above average'
* Calls for radical shake-up of the curriculum to help summer born children
* Able pupils from poorer homes 'less likely to be judged above average
* Study on brain waves shows how different teaching methods affect reading development
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Education Archive 11-16] [Education Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Addressing Health Literacy Challenges With a Cutting-Edge Infectious Disease Curriculum for the High School Biology Classroom
* Extracurricular Activities and Bullying Perpetration: Results From a Nationally Representative Sample
* The Relationship between School Health and Educational Opportunity : Washington DC's Healthy Schools Act
* Exam factories : Children 'in complete meltdown' over exams
* Educating for diversity: an evaluation of a sexuality diversity workshop to address secondary school bullying
* Children at state schools feel they are missing out on the non-formal learning
* Forgiveness Reduces Anger in a School Bullying Context
* Schools, pupils and their characteristics
* Why do heavier children do worse at school? It’s not their fault
* The Role of Community, Family, Peer, and School Factors in Group Bullying: Implications for School-Based Intervention
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Education Archive 16+] [Education Latest 16+] [Top]
* Effectiveness of a systematic approach to promote intersectoral collaboration in comprehensive school health promotion
* Do mothers’ and fathers’ work involvement matter for teenagers’ school outcomes?
* People who get married before they get a degree are more likely to later become obese than people who get married after college

  • Other

  • Other
Links about: age 5-11
* [Other Archive 5-11] [Other Latest 5-11] [Top]
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Other Archive 11-16] [Other Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Getting A Fair Deal : How to help vulnerable young people manage their money
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Other Archive 16+] [Other Latest 16+] [Top]
* Why New York banned polystyrene foam

  • Mental Health 5-16+

  • Mental Health 5-16+
Links about: age 5-11
* Abdominal pain symptoms are associated with anxiety and depression in young children
* Expressive Arts as a Means of Increasing Well-Being in Children
Links about: aged 11-16
* Large-scale trial will assess effectiveness of teaching mindfulness in UK schools
* Frequent Use of Social Networking Sites Is Associated with Poor Psychological Functioning Among Children and Adolescent
* What impact do developmental changes have on long-term illness during adolescence - MindEd
* Effects of school-based mental health literacy education for secondary school students to be delivered by school teachers: A preliminary study
* School Climate, Deployment, and Mental Health Among Students in Military-Connected Schools
* Cultural activity participation and associations with self-perceived health, life-satisfaction and mental health
* Relationship Seen Across Studies Between Cyberbullying, Depression
* Resiliency training program helps teenagers deal with stress
* Where to Go from Here? An Exploratory Meta-Analysis of the Most Promising Approaches to Depression Prevention Programs for Children and Adolescents
* Effects of Positive Mood on Generative and Evaluative Thinking in Creative Problem Solving
* Ethnic differences in youth well-being: The role of sociodemographic background and social support
* Teen suicide rates are bleak.US School-based clinics help those in crisis
Links about: ages 16-plus
* Weak link between depression and frequent smartphone use
* The association between sedentary behaviour and risk of anxiety
* The social determinants of young people's mental health
* Mindfulness has lost its Buddhist roots, and it may not be doing you good

  • Education
  • Health

  • Education
  • Health
Links about: aged 11-16
* The Power of Influence : American School Nurse Stories

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Exercise

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Exercise
Links about: ages 16-plus
* People with mental health problems put off of sport because they are not gym-body ready

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Food

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Food
Links about: ages 16-plus
* Comfort Eating, Psychological Stress, and Depressive Symptoms in Young Adult Women

  • Citizenship

  • Citizenship
Links about: aged 11-16
* Teaching British values and SMSC

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Education

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Education
Links about: aged 11-16
* Associations of health behaviors, school performance and psychosocial problems in adolescents in The Netherlands


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