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  • Food

  • Food
Links about: age 5-11
* [Food Archive 5-11] [Food Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Parents’ perceptions are that their child's health-related quality of life is more impaired when they have a wheat rather than a grass allergy
* CAFÉ: a multicomponent audit and feedback intervention to improve implementation of healthy food policy in primary school canteens
* Food-Related Symptoms and Food Allergy in Swedish Children from Early Life to Adolescence
* Four-year outcomes of an educational intervention in healthy habits in schoolchildren
* Parent–child associations for changes in diet, screen time, and physical activity across two decades in modernizing China
* The Magic Breakfast project evaulation
* Students’ Food Intake from Home-Packed Lunches in the Traditional versus Balanced School Day
* Fussy eating in children may be partially genetic
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Food Archive 11-16] [Food Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Prospective associations of meat consumption during childhood with measures of body composition during adolescence
* Dietary Intake and Eating Behaviours of Obese New Zealand Children and Adolescents Enrolled in a Community-Based Intervention Programme
* Peas please
* Veg Facts : A briefing by the Food Foundation
* Learning cooking skills at different ages: a cross-sectional study
* The impact of doubling dairy or plant-based foods on consumption of nutrients of concern and proper bone health for adolescent females
* Demographic and lifestyle factors associated with adherence to the Mediterranean diet in relation to overweight/obesity among Israeli adolescents
* A meta-analysis of children’s self-reports of dietary intake
* Parental involvement and association with adolescents’ fruit and vegetable intake at follow-up
* Anaphylaxis to foods in a population of adolescents: incidence, characteristics and associated risks
* Vitamin D and Calcium Intakes, Physical Activity, and Calcaneus BMC among School-Going 13-Year Old Malaysian Adolescents
* Relationships between alcohol consumption, smoking status and food habits in Greek adolescents: Vascular implications for the future
* Comparisons of physical activity, adipokines, vitamin D status and dietary vitamin D intake among adolescents
* Nutritional quality of packaged foods targeted at children in Brazil: which ones should be eligible to bear nutrient claims?
* Consumption of fruits and vegetables among adolescents: a multi-national comparison of eleven countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.
* The effect of parental rejection on the emotional eating behaviour of youngsters: A laboratory-based study
* Diet misreporting can be corrected: confirmation of the association between energy intake and fat-free mass in adolescents
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Food Archive 16+] [Food Latest 16+] [Top]
* Motivators and Barriers to Engaging in Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
* The effects of restaurant nutrition menu labelling on college students’ healthy eating behaviours
* Normalising Convenience Food? The Expectable and Acceptable Places of Convenient Food in Everyday Life among Young Danes
* Water and Beverage Consumption: Analysis of the Australian 2011–2012 National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey
* A Comparison of College Students’ Reported Fruit and Vegetable Liking and Intake from Childhood to Adulthood
* What is the status of food literacy in Australian high schools? Perceptions of home economics teachers
* The audience eats more if a movie character keeps eating: An unconscious mechanism for media influence on eating behaviors
* Providing choice and/or variety during a meal: Impact on vegetable liking and intake
* Fast food outlets by local authority

  • Drugs

  • Drugs
Links about: age 5-11
* [Drugs Archive 5-11] [Drugs Latest 5-11] [Top]
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Drugs Archive 11-16] [Drugs Latest 11-16] [Top]
* A new era for drinking? Epidemiological evidence on adolescent male–female differences in drinking incidence in the United States and Europe
* To Study, to Party, or Both? Assessing Risk Factors for Non-Prescribed Stimulant Use among Middle and High School Students
* Implicit alcohol attitudes predict drinking behaviour over and above intentions and willingness in young adults but willingness is more important in adolescents: Implications for the Prototype Willingness Model
* Australia's plain tobacco packs: anticipated and actual responses among adolescents and young adults
* The Spread of Substance Use and Delinquency Between Adolescent Twins
* Changes in Electronic Cigarette Use from 2013 to 2015 and Reasons for Use among Finnish Adolescents
* Acute alcohol intoxication among adolescents—the role of the context of drinking
* Intergenerational Continuity in Cannabis Use: The Role of Parent's Early Onset and Lifetime Disorder on Child's Early Onset
* The short-term effects of ASPIRA – a web-based, multimedia smoking prevention program for adolescents in Romania
* Teenage vapers and taking up smoking
* What about just saying “no”? Situational abstinence from alcohol at parties among 13–15 year olds
* Secondhand smoke from multiple sources, thirdhand smoke and respiratory symptoms in Hong Kong adolescents
* A Within-Person Analysis of the Association between Borderline Personality Disorder and Alcohol Use in Adolescents
* SHEU links to research about E-cigarettes and young people
* Electronic-cigarette Use and Respiratory Symptoms in Adolescents
* The Great Recession, adolescent smoking and smoking inequalities: What role does youth unemployment play in 24 European countries?
* Smoking in Movies and Adolescent Smoking Initiation: A Longitudinal Study among Argentinian Adolescents
* New research by ASH finds use of electronic cigarettes remains low among young people
* The Use of E-cigarettes Among School-Going Adolescents in a Predominantly Rural Environment of Central Appalachia
* Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey Alcohol Summary Report 2015
* Teenagers influenced by video games with alcohol and smoking content
* Early predictors of maturing out of marijuana use among young men
* The Prospective Association Between Sleep and Initiation of Substance Use in Young Adolescents
* E-cigarette use among students and e-cigarette specialty retailer presence near schools
* How Is the Effect of Adolescent E-Cigarette Use on Smoking Onset Mediated
* Youth Receptivity to FDA’s The Real Cost Tobacco Prevention Campaign: Evidence From Message Pretesting
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Drugs Archive 16+] [Drugs Latest 16+] [Top]
* Transitioning From Cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes Increases Alcohol Consumption
* Change in Risk Perceptions and Marijuana and Cigarette Use Among African American Young Adult Females in an HIV Prevention Intervention
* Cannabis for Cognitive Enhancement as a New Coping Strategy? Results From a Survey of Students at Four Universities in Germany
* The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Adolescent Use, Consequences, and Perceived Risk
* Impact of non-menthol flavours in tobacco products (e-cigarette) on perceptions and use among youth, young adults and adults
* The Normalization of Cannabis Use Among Bangladeshi and Pakistani Youth: A New Frontier for the Normalization Thesis?
* E-cigarettes, a safer alternative for teenagers? A UK focus group study of teenagers' views
* Flavored Electronic Cigarette Use and Smoking Among Youth
* Media as a “Super Peer”: How Adolescents Interpret Media Messages Predicts Their Perception of Alcohol and Tobacco Use Norms
* Alcohol marketing on social media: young adults engage with alcohol marketing on facebook
* Acceptability of alcohol supply to children – associations with adults’ own age of initiation and social norms
* Public health benefits from pictorial health warnings on US cigarette packs: a SimSmoke simulation
* Could Vaping be a New Weapon in the Battle of the Bulge?
* Electronic Cigarette Use Among Adolescents in the Russian Federation
* Characteristics, use patterns and perceptions of electronic cigarette users who were never traditional cigarette smokers
* Perceived Friends’ Use as a Risk Factor for Marijuana Use Across Young Adulthood.

  • SRE

  • SRE
Links about: age 5-11
* [RSE Archive 5-11] [RSE Latest 5-11] [Top]
* What should I do? NSPCC helplines report about online safety Responding to children’s and parents’ concerns about sexual content online
Links about: aged 11-16
* [RSE Archive 11-16] [RSE Latest 11-16] [Top]
* An experimental test of the bridges to high school intervention on harsh parenting and early age intercourse among mexican american adolescents.
* Schoolgirls’ experience and appraisal of menstrual absorbents in rural Uganda: a cross-sectional evaluation of reusable sanitary pads
* Theory-based interventions for contraception
* Adolescent Contraception Before and After Pregnancy-Choices and Challenges for the Future
* Classroom-based sex education programmes largely ineffectual, but incentives to stay at school can help
* A review of the research on children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviour online
* Change sex education to combat the effects of porn, say researchers
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [RSE Archive 16+] [RSE Latest 16+] [Top]
* Predicting the Intention to Use Condoms and Actual Condom Use Behaviour
* Does adolescent motherhood affect education and labor market outcomes of mothers? A study on young adult women in Chile during 1990–2013
* Interventions that increase the intention to seek voluntary HIV testing in young people
* Implementing the United Kingdom’s ten-year teenage pregnancy strategy for England (1999-2010): How was this done and what did it achieve?
* Age-Varying Associations Between Nonmarital Sexual Behavior and Depressive Symptoms Across Adolescence and Young Adulthood.
* Adolescent Contraception Before and After Pregnancy-Choices and Challenges for the Future.
* The changing pattern of contraceptive use and pregnancies in four generations of young women
* Friendship, sexual intimacy and young people’s negotiations of sexual health

  • Exercise

  • Exercise
Links about: age 5-11
* [Exercise Archive 5-11] [Exercise Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Sedentary Behavior During School Recess in Southern Brazil
* Physical activity may be a potent regulator of bone turnover biomarkers in healthy girls during preadolescence
* Correlates of sedentary time in different age groups: results from a large cross sectional Dutch survey
* A cross-sectional study of the relationship between parents’ and children’s physical activity
* Pedometer-determined physical activity among youth in the Tokyo Metropolitan area
* Associations among Elementary School Children's Actual Motor Competence, Perceived Motor Competence, Physical Activity and BMI
* Prevalence and injury profile in Portuguese children and adolescents according to their level of sports participation
* Characteristics of children’s physical activity during active play
* Linking Psychological Need Satisfaction and Physical Activity to Dimensions of Health-Related Quality of Life During Adolescence
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Exercise Archive 11-16] [Exercise Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Psychosocial and Friend Influences on Objective Sedentary Behavior and Screen Time
* The theory of expanded, extended, and enhanced opportunities for youth physical activity promotion
* Mandatory Parent Education Programs Can Create Positive Youth Sport Experiences
* Levels and patterns of physical activity and sedentary time among superdiverse adolescents in East London
* Characteristics associated with risk taking behaviours predict young people's participation in organised activities
* Head impacts in a junior rugby league team measured with a wireless head impact sensor
* Recommendations to improve PE in schools
* Risk factors for bicycling injuries in children and adolescents: a systematic review
* The influence of parental modelling on children’s physical activity and screen time: Does it differ by gender?
* Body fat percentage is more associated with low physical fitness than with sedentarism and diet in male and female adolescents
* Participant Perceptions of Character Concepts in a Physical Activity-Based Positive Youth Development Program
* Should we be Looking at the Forest or the Trees? Overall Psychological Need Satisfaction and Individual Needs as Predictors of Physical Activity.
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Exercise Archive 16+] [Exercise Latest 16+] [Top]
* Efficacy of interventions that use apps to improve diet, physical activity and sedentary behaviour
* Activity Levels over Four Years in a Cohort of Urban-Dwelling Adolescent Females
* Factors Associated with Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity in Adolescents Born Preterm
* The Acute Exercise-Induced Inflammatory Response: A Comparison of Young-Adult Smokers and Nonsmokers
* Leveraging the Habit-forming Aspects of Technology to Increase Levels of Physical Activity
* A 10-minute walk after a meal 'good for diabetes'

  • Health

  • Health
Links about: age 5-11
* [Health Archive 5-11] [Health Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Environmental exposure and effects on health of children from a tobacco-producing region
* Household environment, lifestyle behaviors, and dietary habits in relation to childhood atopic eczema in Shanghai, China
* Results from a prospective cohort study: shared decision making improves outcomes for children with asthma
* 3 in 5 of England’s most deprived boys will be overweight or obese by 2020
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Health Archive 11-16] [Health Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Developmental changes in consistency of autobiographical memories: adolescents’ and young adults’ repeated recall of recent and distance events
* Internet-Based Delivery of Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs Among American Indian and Alaska Native Youth
* Attention allocation towards own face is pronounced during middle adolescence
* School start time and sleep in Canadian adolescents
* Multimodal Body Representation of Obese Children and Adolescents before and after Weight-Loss Treatment in Comparison to Normal-Weight Children
* The effectiveness of the COPE Healthy Lifestyles TEEN Program: A school-based intervention in middle school adolescents with 12-month follow-up
* Adolescents newly diagnosed with eating disorders have structural differences in brain regions linked with eating disorder symptoms
* Essential conditions for the implementation of comprehensive school health to achieve changes in school culture and improvements in health behaviours of students
* Engaging Adolescents Through Participatory and Qualitative Research Methods to Develop a Digital Communication Intervention to Reduce Adolescent Obesity
* A School Health Project Can Uplift the Health Status of School Children in Nepal.
* The Relationship Between School Holidays and Transmission of Influenza in England and Wales
* Testing online treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) ... and ... more research ... and ... more research
* The involvement of young people in school- and community-based noncommunicable disease prevention interventions: a scoping review of designs and outcomes
* Body fat percentage is more associated with low physical fitness than with sedentarism and diet in male and female adolescents
* Preschool Executive Control and Sleep Problems in Early Adolescence
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Health Archive 16+] [Health Latest 16+] [Top]
* Can weight predict academic performance in college students? An analysis of college women's self-efficacy, absenteeism and depressive symptoms as mediators
* A Systematic Review of Interventions to Enhance Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors in Adolescents Delivered via Mobile Phone Text Messaging.
* An experimental study of adolescent sleep restriction during a simulated school week: changes in phase, sleep staging, performance and sleepiness
* Intergenerational Transmission of Overweight and Obesity from Parents to Their Adolescent Offspring – The HUNT Study
* Health profiles of overweight and obese youth attending general practice
* Body Mass Index, Height, and Socioeconomic Position in Adolescence, Their Trajectories into Adulthood, and Cognitive Function in Midlife.
* Happiness and health behaviours among university students from 24 low, middle and high income countries

  • Lifestyle

  • Lifestyle
Links about: age 5-11
* [Lifestyle Archive 5-11] [Lifestyle Latest 5-11] [Top]
* What children are telling us about bullying
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Lifestyle Archive 11-16] [Lifestyle Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Cyberbullying Guidance ...and... Crossing the Line: PSHE toolkit
* “What matters to someone who matters to me”: using media campaigns with young people to prevent interpersonal violence and abuse
* Following Your “Friend”: Social Media and the Strength of Adolescents' Parasocial Relationships with Media Personae
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Lifestyle Archive 16+] [Lifestyle Latest 16+] [Top]
* Does your empathy predict if you would stop and help an injured person?
* What percentage of people who play video games are 'addicted'?

  • Education

  • Education
Links about: age 5-11
* [Education Archive 5-11] [Education Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Children Can Learn New Facts Equally Well From Interactive Media Versus Face to Face Instruction
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Education Archive 11-16] [Education Latest 11-16] [Top]
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Education Archive 16+] [Education Latest 16+] [Top]

  • Other

  • Other
Links about: age 5-11
* [Other Archive 5-11] [Other Latest 5-11] [Top]
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Other Archive 11-16] [Other Latest 11-16] [Top]
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Other Archive 16+] [Other Latest 16+] [Top]

  • Mental Health 5-16+

  • Mental Health 5-16+
Links about: age 5-11
* The Relationship Between Worry and Dimensions of Anxiety Symptoms in Children and Adolescents
* Perception of primary school teachers to school children’s mental health problems in Southwest Ethiopia
Links about: aged 11-16
* Linking Temperamental Shyness and Social Anxiety in Childhood and Adolescence: Moderating Influences of Sex and Age
* Associations between childhood adversity and daily suppression and avoidance in response to stress in adulthood: Can neurobiological sensitivity help explain this relationship?
* Be(ing) prepared: Guide and Scout participation, childhood social position and mental health at age 50
* Describe Your Feelings: Body Illusion Related to Alexithymia in Adolescence
* A Depression Prevention Intervention for Adolescents in the Emergency Department
* I am whole - YMCA
* Influence of body mass index on mindfulness awareness and coping methods for stress in adolescents
Links about: ages 16-plus
* Efficacy of Web-Based Collection of Strength-Based Testimonials for Text Message Extension of Youth Suicide Prevention Program
* Anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and stressful life events in non-cardiac adolescent chest pain: a comparative study about the hidden part of the iceberg
* Rational emotive behaviour therapy in high schools to educate in mental health and empower youth health
* Awareness, Access and Use of Internet Self-Help Websites for Depression by University Students
* Teenage boys would not feel comfortable talking to their dads about their mental health

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Education

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Education
Links about: aged 11-16
* The Urban Teaching Cohort: pre-service training to support mental health in urban schools
Links about: ages 16-plus
* Knowledge and attitudes towards dementia in adolescent students

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Food

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Food
Links about: ages 16-plus
* Effects of Walnut Consumption on Mood in Young Adults—A Randomized Controlled Trial

  • Exercise
  • Food

  • Exercise
  • Food
Links about: age 5-11
* Associations between exclusive breastfeeding and physical fitness during childhood

  • Drugs
  • Exercise

  • Drugs
  • Exercise
Links about: ages 16-plus
* Sedentary College Student Drinkers Can Start Exercising and Reduce Drinking After Intervention


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