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Topic: Mental Health 5-16+

 Phase: age 5-11Phase: aged 11-16Phase: ages 16-plus
Topic: Mental Health 5-16+
Longitudinal pathways between mental health difficulties and academic performance during middle childhood and early adolescence
The association between paternal and adolescent depressive symptoms: evidence from two population-based cohorts
‘She has like 4000 followers!’: the celebrification of self within school social networks.
Emotional competence and friendship involvement: Spiral effects in adolescence
Grandparental involvement and South African adolescents’ emotional and behavioural health: a summary of research findings
The Association Between Natural Environments and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents Living in the United States
Beyond evidence-based interventions: implementing an integrated approach to promoting pupil mental wellbeing in schools with Pyramid club
The importance of health behaviours in childhood for the development of internalizing disorders during adolescence
Short-term effects of wake- and bright light therapy on sleep in depressed youth.
Perceived rather than actual overweight is associated with mental health problems in adolescence
Incidence of child and adolescent mental disorders in children aged 0-17 with familial high risk for severe mental illness - A Danish register study.
High stress, lack of sleep, low school performance, and suicide attempts are associated with high energy drink intake in adolescents.
See me through my eyes: Adolescent-parent agreement in personality predicts later self-esteem development.
Physician Intervention to Positive Depression Screens Among Adolescents in Primary Care
A comparison of positive youth development against depression and suicidal ideation in youth from Hong Kong and the Netherlands

Topic: Health

 Phase: age 5-11Phase: aged 11-16Phase: ages 16-plus
Topic: Health
Counseling on Sun Protection and Indoor Tanning
Education, school type and screen time were associated with overweight and obesity in 2,930 adolescents
Health and wellbeing of Indigenous adolescents in Australia
Extra-curricular activities and youth risky behaviours in South Africa
Vaccinations among Italian adolescents: knowledge, attitude and behavior
Altering Adolescents’ Pre-Bedtime Phone Use to Achieve Better Sleep
The Longitudinal Association Between Poor Sleep Quality and Cyberbullying, Mediated by Anger
Psychosocial vulnerability underlying four common unhealthy behaviours in 15–16-year-old Swedish adolescents
School-located Influenza Vaccinations for Adolescents: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Breast education for schoolgirls; why, what, when, and how?
Self-perceived fatigue in adolescents in relation to body composition and physical outcomes
Young lives disrupted: gender and well-being among adolescent Syrian refugees in Lebanon
Comparing health promotion behaviors of male and female high school students in Southeast of Iran
Trends in Hearing Loss Among Adolescents.
Associations Between Breastfeeding and Maltreatment in Childhood
Changes in asthma self-management knowledge in inner city adolescents following developmentally sensitive self-management training.
Vertigo and dizziness in adolescents: Risk factors and their population attributable risk.
Fifteen-year Weight and Disordered Eating Patterns Among Community-based Adolescents
Time attitudes predict changes in adolescent self-efficacy: A 24-month latent transition mover-stayer analysis.
Classifying binge eating-disordered adolescents based on severity levels.
Exposure to traffic-related air pollution and the composition of the gut microbiota in overweight and obese adolescents
Iron status and anaemia in Sri Lankan secondary school children
Understanding the menstrual hygiene management challenges facing displaced girls and women: findings from qualitative assessments in Myanmar and Lebanon
Differences and similarities in medicine use, perceptions and sharing among adolescents in two different educational settings
Prevalence of asthma and associated factors among male late adolescents in Tabriz, Iran.

Topic: Drugs

 Phase: aged 11-16Phase: ages 16-plus
Topic: Drugs
Abstention from Drug Use and Delinquency Increasing Among Youth in the United States, 2002–2014
Trajectories of E-Cigarette and Conventional Cigarette Use Among Youth
Parents Who Allow Early Adolescents to Drink
Exposure to tobacco websites: Associations with cigarette and e-cigarette use and susceptibility among adolescents
Identifying patterns of tobacco use among US middle and high school students
E-cigarette use, dual use of e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes, and frequency of cannabis use among high school students
E-Cigarette Susceptibility as a Predictor of Youth Initiation of E-Cigarettes
Effects of Varying Color, Imagery, and Text of Cigarette Package Warning Labels among Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Middle School Youth and Adult Smokers
Inappropriate self-medication among adolescents and its association with lower medication literacy and substance use
Cost-effectiveness of tobacco control policies and programmes targeting adolescents
The Effects of Gender- and Sexuality-Based Harassment on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Substance Use Disparities
Ethnic Differences in Cigarette Use Trajectories and Health, Psychosocial, and Academic Outcomes
Parents Who Allow Early Adolescents to Drink
Should the Legal Age for Tobacco Be Raised? Results From a National Sample of Adolescents.
Does Shyness Interact With Peer Group Affiliation in Predicting Substance Use in Adolescence?
Age of Alcohol Initiation and Progression to Binge Drinking in Adolescence: A Prospective Cohort Study.
Socioeconomic status is associated with the prevalence and co-occurrence of risk factors for cigarette smoking initiation during adolescence.
Using Facebook to Recruit Parents to Participate in a Family Program to Prevent Teen Drug Use.
Weight Status and Cigarette and Electronic Cigarette Use in Adolescents.
Exposure to tobacco websites: Associations with cigarette and e-cigarette use and susceptibility among adolescents.
Is Technology-Mediated Parental Monitoring Related to Adolescent Substance Use?
Reasons for Vaping among U.S. 12th Graders
Social discomfort moderates the relationship between drinking in response to negative affect and solitary drinking in underage drinkers
The efficacy of computerized interventions to reduce cannabis use
Daily conformity drinking motivations are associated with increased odds of consuming alcohol mixed with energy drinks
Transitions into young adulthood: Extent to which alcohol use, perceived drinking norms, and consequences vary by education and work statuses among 18–20year olds
Trauma exposure and heavy drinking and drug use among college students: Identifying the roles of negative and positive affect lability in a daily diary study
Effects of alcohol and cigarette use on the initiation, reinitiation, and persistence of cannabis use from adolescence to emerging adulthood
An event- and network-level analysis of college students' maximum drinking day
The Effects of Varying Electronic Cigarette Warning Label Design Features On Attention, Recall, and Product Perceptions Among Young Adults
Associations between unemployment and heavy episodic drinking from adolescence to midlife in Sweden and Finland
Tobacco Smoke Exposure Association With Lipid Profiles and Adiposity Among U.S. Adolescents
Tobacco cessation interventions for young people
Tobacco Content in Video Games: Categorization of Tobacco Typologies and Gamer Recall
Oral Contraceptives and Cigarette Smoking: A Review of the Literature and Future Directions
How Do Tobacco Power Walls Influence Adolescents? A Study of Mediating Mechanisms.
Current and Former Smokers' Use of Electronic Cigarettes for Quitting Smoking: An Exploratory Study of Adolescents and Young Adults.

Topic: Lifestyle

 Phase: age 5-11Phase: aged 11-16Phase: ages 16-plus
Topic: Lifestyle
Socioeconomic differences in children’s television viewing trajectory
Identifying beliefs behind boys’ use of mobile phones to monitor girlfriends and girls’ acceptance: a reasoned-action approach
Bullying victimization experiences among middle and high school adolescents: Traditional bullying, discriminatory harassment, and cybervictimization
Bullying and negative appearance feedback among adolescents: Is it objective or misperceived weight that matters?
For Video Games, Bad News Is Good News: News Reporting of Violent Video Game Studies
Insights Into Aspects Behind Internet-Related Disorders in Adolescents: The Interplay of Personality and Symptoms of Adjustment Disorders
Physical Fighting and Associated Factors among Adolescents Aged 13-15 Years in Six Western Pacific Countries.
Episodic future thinking reduces temporal discounting in healthy adolescents
Using the Internet to access health-related information: results from a nationally representative sample of New Zealand secondary school students
Tween Television and Peers: Reinforcing Social Agents in Early Adolescents' Body Surveillance and Self-Objectification.
Investigating the differential effects of social networking site addiction and Internet gaming disorder on psychological health.
Associations between facial emotion recognition and young adolescents' behaviors in bullying.
Prevalence of internet addiction and its risk and protective factors in a representative sample of senior high school students in Taiwan
Prevalence of internet addiction and its risk and protective factors in a representative sample of senior high school students in Taiwan.

Topic: Drugs, SRE

 Phase: aged 11-16Phase: ages 16-plus
Topic: Drugs, SRE
Physical and Sexual Dating Violence and Nonmedical Use of Prescription Drugs
Prevalence of Substance Use among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth in Military Families: Findings from the California Healthy Kids Survey
Understanding sexual assault risk perception in college: Associations among sexual assault history, drinking to cope, and alcohol use

Topic: Exercise

 Phase: age 5-11Phase: aged 11-16Phase: ages 16-plus
Topic: Exercise
Impacts of active school design on school-time sedentary behavior and physical activity
Academic Achievement and Physical Activity: A Meta-analysis
Longitudinal physical activity trajectories from childhood to adulthood and their determinants: The Young Finns Study
Using functional data analysis to understand daily activity levels and patterns in primary school-aged children: Cross-sectional analysis of a UK-wide study
Evaluation of Youth Enjoyment Toward Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior
The influence of physical activity, sedentary behavior on health-related quality of life among the general population of children and adolescents
Childhood Sports Participation and Adolescent Sport Profile.
Physical Activity of German Children and Adolescents 2003–2012
Does school physical education really contribute to accelerometer-measured daily physical activity and non sedentary behaviour in high school students?
Association of individual and neighbourhood socioeconomic status with physical activity and screen time in seventh-grade boys and girls in Berlin, Germany
Rope skipping increases bone mineral density at calcanei of pubertal girls in Hong Kong
Regular Physical Activity and Educational Outcomes in Youth
Is School Type Associated with Objectively Measured Physical Activity in 15-Year-Olds?
Engagement in physical education classes and health among young people: does sports practice matter?
Severe Trampoline Injuries: Incidence and Risk Factors in Children and Adolescents
Total energy expenditure of 10- to 12-year-old Japanese children measured using the doubly labeled water method
Characterization and correlates of exercise among adolescents with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.
Biocultural approach of the association between maturity and physical activity in youth.
Young athletes' health knowledge system: qualitative analysis of health learning processes in adolescent sportspersons.
Adoption and use of an injury prevention exercise program in female football: A qualitative study among coaches

Topic: Mental Health 5-16+, Exercise

 Phase: age 5-11Phase: aged 11-16
Topic: Mental Health 5-16+, Exercise
Associations between objectively measured physical activity and later mental health outcomes in children
Relationships Between Youth Sports Participation and Mental Health in Young Adulthood Among Finnish Males

Topic: Food

 Phase: age 5-11Phase: aged 11-16
Topic: Food
Do mothers affect daughter’s behaviors? Diet, physical activity, and sedentary behaviors in Kuwaiti mother–daughter dyads
Effectiveness of behavioral interventions to reduce the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages in children and adolescents
Children and young people’s perceptions of energy drinks
The tween television diet: a content analysis of US tween program food references
School Gardens: A Qualitative Study on Implementation Practices
Battle of plates: a pilot study of an approach-avoidance training for overweight children and adolescents.
Adherence to the Mediterranean diet in a Sicilian student population.
Trends in Beverage Consumption in the US Among Children and Adults, 2003-2014.
A school-based intervention improved dietary intake outcomes and reduced waist circumference in adolescents
Consumption of minimally processed food is inversely associated with excess weight in adolescents living in an underdeveloped city
Changing trends in young people’s food behaviour and wellbeing in England in relation to family affluence between 2005 and 2014
Adherence to a Mediterranean dietary pattern and overweight and obesity among female adolescents in Iran
Family meals then and now: A qualitative investigation of intergenerational transmission of family meal practices in a racially/ethnically diverse and immigrant population.

Topic: Mental Health 5-16+, Health

 Phase: ages 16-plus
Topic: Mental Health 5-16+, Health
Age at Menarche, Depression, and Antisocial Behavior in Adulthood

Topic: SRE

 Phase: age 5-11Phase: aged 11-16Phase: ages 16-plus
Topic: SRE
Sexual and reproductive health needs and risks of very young adolescent refugees and migrants from Myanmar living in Thailand
Gay and Bisexual Adolescent Boys’ Perspectives on Parent–Adolescent Relationships and Parenting Practices Related to Teen Sex and Dating
Why Girls Choose Not to Use Barriers to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infection During Female-to-Female Sex
Conducting sex and relationships research with young people in secondary schools: the use of clickers as an interactive and confidential data collection method
Associations Between Sexual Risk-Related Behaviors and School-Based Education on HIV and Condom Use for Adolescent Sexual Minority Males and Their Non-Sexual-Minority Peers
School practices important for students’ sexual health: analysis of the school health research network survey in Wales
Sexual Assertiveness Skills and Sexual Decision-Making in Adolescent Girls: Randomized Controlled Trial of an Online Program.
Understanding the unique experiences, perspectives and sexual and reproductive health needs of very young adolescents: Somali refugees in Ethiopia
Transitions into puberty and access to sexual and reproductive health information in two humanitarian settings: a cross-sectional survey of very young adolescents from Somalia and Myanmar
Sexual Health and the Internet: Cross-Sectional Study of Online Preferences Among Adolescents.
Video Intervention to Increase Perceived Self-Efficacy for Condom Use in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Female Adolescents.
Development of Gender Typicality and Felt Pressure in European French and North African French Adolescents
Sexual Health Risk Behavior Disparities Among Male and Female Adolescents Using Identity and Behavior Indicators of Sexual Orientation
Beyond “Just Saying No”: A Preliminary Evaluation of Strategies College Students Use to Refuse Sexual Activity
Texting to Increase Contraceptive Initiation Among Adolescents in the Emergency Department
Oral Sex and Condom Use in a U.S. National Sample of Adolescents and Young Adults
Adolescents' and Young Adults' Reports of Barriers to Confidential Health Care and Receipt of Contraceptive Services
Menstrual irregularity and use of oral contraceptives in female adolescent athletes in Swedish National Sports High Schools
Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Receipt Among Young Males Aged 15-24

Topic: Health, SRE

 Phase: aged 11-16
Topic: Health, SRE
Is sexual minority status associated with poor sleep quality among adolescents?

Topic: Drugs, Mental Health 5-16+

 Phase: aged 11-16
Topic: Drugs, Mental Health 5-16+
Perceived control of anxiety as a moderator in the relationship between anxiety sensitivity and problematic alcohol use among adolescents
The association between adolescent cannabis use and anxiety

Topic: Drugs, Exercise

 Phase: ages 16-plus
Topic: Drugs, Exercise
A detailed examination of the longitudinal associations between individual and team sports and alcohol use

Topic: Education, Food

 Phase: aged 11-16
Topic: Education, Food
No change no progress: why school-based nutrition education programmes should continue to evolve

Topic: Education

 Phase: ages 16-plus
Topic: Education
Exploring first year psychology students’ experiences of their transition from pre-tertiary to university education
School Climate and College Attendance for Black Adolescents: Moving Beyond College-Going Culture.

Topic: Education, Health

 Phase: aged 11-16
Topic: Education, Health
Why there was no depression amongst cavemen- the approach of Queen Mary’s Grammar School to the delivery of PSHE
Evening chronotype and sleepiness predict impairment in executive abilities and academic performance of adolescents.

Topic: Mental Health 5-16+, Lifestyle

 Phase: aged 11-16
Topic: Mental Health 5-16+, Lifestyle
Gaming addiction is to be listed as a mental health condition for the first time

Topic: Drugs, Drugs - Alcohol

 Phase: aged 11-16
Topic: Drugs, Drugs - Alcohol
Effects of e-Cigarette Advertisements on Adolescents' Perceptions of Cigarettes

Topic: Exercise, Food

 Phase: aged 11-16
Topic: Exercise, Food
Relationships between physical activity, food choices, gender and BMI in Southern Californian teenagers

Topic: Mental Health 5-16+, Education

 Phase: aged 11-16
Topic: Mental Health 5-16+, Education
Building resilience in regional youth: Impacts of a universal mental health promotion programme
The early onset of distress disorders and high school dropout: Prospective evidence from a national cohort of Australian adolescents.
School-Based Health Centers, Depression, and Suicide Risk Among Adolescents.


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