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  • Food

  • Food
Links about: age 5-11
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* Children’s eating habits and attitudes toward food are influenced by their social peer networks
* Does eating family meals and having the television on during dinner correlate with overweight? A sub-study of the PRO GREENS project, looking at children from nine European countries
* Yogurt consumption and impact on health: focus on children and cardiometabolic risk
* The effects of the Food Dudes Programme on children’s intake of unhealthy foods at lunchtime
* The combination of daily breakfast consumption and optimal breakfast choices in childhood is an important public health message
* Food price promotions and public health (ESRC pdf)
* Preferences for Salty and Sweet Tastes Are Elevated and Related to Each Other during Childhood (pdf)
* Saturated fats and heart disease link 'unproven'
* Children's diet and salt
* Peanut allergy therapy shows promise
* Characteristics of food advergames that reach children and the nutrient quality of the foods they advertise
* Parents’ and Children’s Perceptions of the Ethics of Marketing Energy-Dense Nutrient-Poor Foods on the Internet: Implications for Policy to Restrict Children’s Exposure
* Snack market on the playground: An ethnography of trade patterns of snacks among French children
* Diet, nutrition and schoolchildren: An update (pdf)
* The School Food Plan: Putting food at the heart of the school day (pdf)
* A Food Service Intervention Improves Whole Grain Access at Lunch in Rural Elementary Schools
* Calorie reductions and within-meal calorie compensation in children's meal combos (pdf)
* Who is responsible for selecting children's fast food meals, and what impact does this have on energy content of the selected meals?
* Peer and Friend Influences on Children's Eating (pdf)
* Systematic review of diet quality indices and their associations with health-related outcomes in children and adolescents
* Nutritional quality of the school-day diet in Irish children (5–12 years)
* A systematic review of persuasive marketing techniques to promote food to children on television
* Color me healthy: Food diversity in school community gardens in two rapidly urbanising Australian cities
* Implementation of mandatory nutritional guidelines in South Australian primary school canteens
* The association between organic school food policy and school food environment: results from an observational study in Danish schools
* Applying Process Mapping and Analysis as a Quality Improvement Strategy to Increase the Adoption of Fruit, Vegetable, and Water Breaks in Australian Primary Schools
* Japanese children and plate waste: contexts of low self-efficacy
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Food Archive 11-16] [Food Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Food price promotions and public health (ESRC pdf)
* Peer and Friend Influences on Children's Eating (pdf)
* Dairy product intake in children and adolescents in developed countries: trends, nutritional contribution, and a review of association with health outcomes
Links about: ages 16-plus
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  • Drugs

  • Drugs
Links about: age 5-11
* [Drugs Archive 5-11] [Drugs Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Do Email and Mobile Phone Prompts Stimulate Primary School Children to Reuse an Internet-Delivered Smoking Prevention Intervention? (pdf)
* ADEPIS Quality standards for effective alcohol and drug education (pdf)
* Exposure to parental smoking in childhood or adolescence is associated with increased carotid intima-media thickness in young adults
* Parental smoking 'ages' children’s arteries
* Exposure of Children and Adolescents to Alcohol Marketing on Social Media Websites (pdf)
* Home Smoking Bans May Increase the Risk of Smoking Onset in Children When Both Parents Smoke
* Promoting an Alcohol-Free Childhood: A Novel Home-Based Parenting Program
* Children's resistance to parents' smoking in the home and car
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Drugs Archive 11-16] [Drugs Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Smoking, plain packaging, and public health (pdf)
* ADEPIS Quality standards for effective alcohol and drug education (pdf)
* Parents Influence Teens’ Drinking Decisions
* Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention for Adolescents: The How, What and Where of Reducing Alcohol Consumption and Related Harm Among Young People (pdf)
* Persistence of socioeconomic differences in adolescents’ environmental tobacco smoke exposure in Finland
* Prevalence and correlates of lifetime waterpipe, cigarette, alcohol and drug use among secondary school students in Stoke-on-Trent
* Straight talk on mental health medication for young people (website)
* Alcohol and Alcoholism Special Issue : Alcohol-related brain damage in adolescence (pdf)
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Drugs Archive 16+] [Drugs Latest 16+] [Top]
* Standardised packaging of tobacco: Report of the independent review Sir Cyril Chantler

  • SRE

  • SRE
Links about: age 5-11
* [RSE Archive 5-11] [RSE Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Pledge by Ed Miliband for compulsory sex education
* New Evidence: Data Documenting Parental Support for Earlier Sexuality Education (pdf)
* Sex education videos now classified by the BBFC … and ... BBFC research report
Links about: aged 11-16
* [RSE Archive 11-16] [RSE Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Better access to contraceptive services will reduce unwanted pregnancies
* The relationship between parental attachment and sexuality in early adolescence
* Understanding the Effects of MTV's 16 and Pregnant on Adolescent Girls' Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behavioral Intentions Toward Teen Pregnancy
* Prevalence and Predictors of Text-Based and Visually Explicit Cybersex among Adolescents
* High Expectations across Multiple Domains, Peer Norms and Physical Dating Violence among California Adolescents
* Sex education videos now classified by the BBFC … and ... BBFC research report
* Preventing Pregnancies in Younger US Teens
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [RSE Archive 16+] [RSE Latest 16+] [Top]
* Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles: Public Health England
* Teenage Pregnancy Resources: Atlases, Forecasts
* Sex education, first sex and sexual health outcomes in adulthood: findings from a nationally representative sexual health survey … and … poster presentation
* SRE for the 21st Century - Supplementary Advice for schools (pdf)
* The under 18 conception rate for 2012 is the lowest since 1969 at 27.9 conceptions per thousand women aged 15-17

  • Exercise

  • Exercise
Links about: age 5-11
* [Exercise Archive 5-11] [Exercise Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Activity levels in mothers and their 4 yr-old children
* Sports Participation and Parent-Reported Health-Related Quality of Life in Children
* Playing for health? Revisiting health promotion to examine the emerging public health position on children's play
* Cycling: health and risk factors
* Changes in physical activity during the transition from primary to secondary school in Belgian children: what is the role of the school environment? (pdf)
* Can Exergames Impart Health Messages? Game Play, Framing, and Drivers of Physical Activity Among Children
* Effect of physical activity on vascular characteristics in young children
* Are field-based exergames useful in preventing childhood obesity? A systematic review
* Correlates of urban children's leisure-time physical activity and sedentary behaviors during school days
* Physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness, and clustered cardiometabolic risk in 10- to 12-year-old school children: The REACH Y6 study
* Is overweight a risk factor for sports injuries in children, adolescents, and young adults?
* Heart rate response and fitness effects of various types of physical education for 8- to 9-year-old schoolchildren
* The effects of playground markings on the physical self-perceptions of 10–11-year-old school children
* "Exploring ‘what’ to learn in physical education"
* Primary School Sport Project - Engage to Compete (pdf)
* Walking to School: The Experience of Children in Inner City Los Angeles and Implications for Policy
* A Systematic Review of the Literature on Screening for Exercise-Induced Asthma: Considerations for School Nurses
* Predictors of meeting physical activity and fruit and vegetable recommendations in 9–11-year-old children
* Constructing cardiovascular fitness knowledge in physical education
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Exercise Archive 11-16] [Exercise Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Health-Related Fitness Models in Physical Education
* Cycling: health and risk factors
* Proximity to Sports Facilities and Sports Participation for Adolescents in Germany (pdf)
* The Evolution of a Wellness Program: A Team-based Approach to Curricular Innovation
* Appearance- and competition-focused performance goals Examining their links with performance in physical education
* ‘It’s too crowded’: A qualitative study of the physical environment factors that adolescent girls perceive to be important and influential on their PE experience
* Physically active Chilean school kids perform better in language and mathematics
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Exercise Archive 16+] [Exercise Latest 16+] [Top]
* Poorer people are less physically active (ESRC pdf)

  • Health

  • Health
Links about: age 5-11
* [Health Archive 5-11] [Health Latest 5-11] [Top]
* " … just getting outdoors had health benefits"
* MindEd - Website contains information for anybody working with children and young people’s mental health issues
* Overweight in Adolescence Can Be Predicted at Age 6 Years (pdf)
* Crowdsourcing Novel Childhood Predictors of Adult Obesity (pdf)
* Parents' communication to primary school-aged children about mental health and ill-health: a grounded theory study
* The ‘Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids’ community randomized controlled trial: A community-based healthy lifestyle program for fathers and their children
* School sun-protection policies—does being SunSmart make a difference?
* The relationship between sun protection policies and practices in schools with primary-age students: the role of school demographics, policy comprehensiveness and SunSmart membership
* 'Peeing' in the swimming pool and the effects on health
* Australian mothers’ notions of risk and uncertainty in relation to their pre-teen children
* Does fluoride in drinking water delay tooth eruption?
* Self-reported sun-related knowledge, attitudes and behaviours among schoolchildren attending South African primary schools
* Parents' reasons for brushing or not brushing their child's teeth: a qualitative study
* Tracking a dietary pattern associated with increased adiposity in childhood and adolescence
* Childhood obesity and parental perceptions in a rural Australian population
* ‘Health and happiness is more important than weight’: a qualitative investigation of the views of parents receiving written feedback on their child's weight as part of the National Child Measurement Programme
* Effects of messages from a media campaign to increase public awareness of childhood obesity
* Lack of sleep could increase obesity in children and too much television could be partly to blame (pdf)
* Overweight and obese children have lower cortisol levels than normal weight children
* Using motivational interviewing for weight feedback to parents of young children
* Screen Exposure and Body Mass Index Status in 2- to 11-Year-Old Children
* Tonsillectomy for Recurrent Sore Throats in Children: Indications, Outcomes, and Efficacy
* Trends in overweight and obesity in Danish children and adolescents: 2000-2008 – exploring changes according to parental education
* Child health problems 'linked to father's age'
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Health Archive 11-16] [Health Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Crowdsourcing Novel Childhood Predictors of Adult Obesity (pdf)
* Saturated fats and heart disease link 'unproven'
* Effects of a Mindfulness Group on Latino Adolescent Students: Examining Levels of Perceived Stress, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Psychological Symptoms
* Are Suicidal Behaviors Contagious in Adolescence? Using Longitudinal Data to Examine Suicide Suggestion (pdf)
* Evaluation of a School-Based Program Aimed at Preventing Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents (pdf)
* Bullying, cyberbullying, and mental health in young people
* Do Online Mental Health Services Improve Help-Seeking for Young People?
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Health Archive 16+] [Health Latest 16+] [Top]
* Is there a difference in well-being between young men and young women?
* Illness and Injury to Students on a School Excursion to Peru
* Impact of Computer-Mediated, Obesity-Related Nutrition Education Interventions for Adolescents: A Systematic Review
* A tool for predicting the risk of clinical depression in teenage boys has been developed.
* High usage of A&E services by Oxford students (pdf)
* On the buses: a mixed-method evaluation of the impact of free bus travel for young people on the public health (pdf)
* Increase in the numbers of young people contacting mental health support websites

  • Lifestyle

  • Lifestyle
Links about: age 5-11
* [Lifestyle Archive 5-11] [Lifestyle Latest 5-11] [Top]
* To give a fish or to teach how to fish? Children weigh costs and benefits in considering what information to transmit (pdf)
* Early Childhood Electronic Media Use as a Predictor of Poorer Well-being
* Parental Monitoring of Children’s Media ConsumptionThe Long-term Influences on Body Mass Index in Children
* Mediators and Moderators of Long-term Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggressive Behavior
* Manual Control Age and Sex Differences in 4 to 11 Year Old Children (pdf)
* Kids, candy, brain and behavior: Age differences in responses to candy gains and losses (pdf)
* Child burns dangers in the home
* Development of navigational working memory: Evidence from 6- to 10-year-old children
* ‘I Want to Play Alone’: Assessment and Correlates of Self-Reported Preference for Solitary Play in Young Children
* Does it always feel good to get what you want? Young children differentiate between material and wicked desires (pdf)
* How Young Children Evaluate People With and Without Disabilities (pdf)
* The relation between 8- to 17-year-olds’ judgments of other’s honesty and their own past honest behaviors
* Do parental perceptions of the neighbourhood environment influence children’s independent mobility? Evidence from Toronto
* Will they like me? Adolescents’ emotional responses to peer evaluation
* "“That’s Not Just Beautiful—That’s Incredibly Beautiful!” The Adverse Impact of Inflated Praise on Children With Low Self-Esteem"
* In their own words : What bothers children online?
* Parental bookreading practices among families in the Netherlands
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Lifestyle Archive 11-16] [Lifestyle Latest 11-16] [Top]
* The relationship between mothers’ thin-ideal and children’s drive for thinness: A survey of Japanese early adolescents and their mothers
* Do mothers know? Longitudinal associations between parental knowledge, bullying, and victimization
* The fighter, the punk and the clown: How to overcome the position of victim of bullying?
* In their own words : What bothers children online?
* Adolescent girls’ views on cosmetic surgery: A focus group study
* Will they like me? Adolescents’ emotional responses to peer evaluation
* Normative Misperceptions of Peer Seatbelt Use among High School Students and Their Relationship to Personal Seatbelt Use
* On standby? A comparison of online and offline witnesses to bullying and their bystander behaviour
* Bullying Behaviors and Victimization Experiences Among Adolescent Students: The Role of Resilience
* Age and gender differences in morningness–eveningness in Turkish adolescents and young adults
* Girls and gangs
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Lifestyle Archive 16+] [Lifestyle Latest 16+] [Top]
* Online students can't help being sociable

  • Education

  • Education
Links about: age 5-11
* [Education Archive 5-11] [Education Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Fourth graders’ perceptions about medicines and medicine use
* Health Education Special Issue: Health promoting schools
* Does classroom composition make a difference: effects on developments in motivation, sense of classroom belonging, and achievement in upper primary school
* Preliminary Assessment of a School-Based Healthy Lifestyle Intervention Among Rural Elementary School Children
* Raising Happy Children Who Succeed in School: Lessons From China and the United States
* Children's and adults' understanding of the impact of nutrition on biological and psychological processes (pdf)
* Sleep habits of children aged 9–11 and the relationship between sleep habits and negative behaviors in the classroom (pdf)
* The Impact of Workplace Bullying on Primary School Teachers and Principals
* Canadian Elementary School Teachers’ Perceptions of Gender Differences in Shy Girls and Boys in the Classroom
* Effectiveness of a multi-faceted, school-based health intervention program with 4th graders in Alabama
* Better training needed to help new teachers promote healthy lifestyles to children
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Education Archive 11-16] [Education Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Better training needed to help new teachers promote healthy lifestyles to children
* Finnish pupils’ perceptions of health education as a school subject
* The Effects of Natural Cigarette Claims on Adolescents' Brand-Related Beliefs, Attitudes, and Intentions
* Music lessons and academic self-concept in 12- to 14-year-old children
* Transition to secondary school: Expectation versus experience
* Enablers and barriers for male students transferring life skills from the sports hall into the classroom
* Mental toughness in education: exploring relationships with attainment, attendance, behaviour and peer relationships
* Challenges and Ideas from a Research Program on High-Quality, Evidence-Based Practice in School Mental Health
* Educating for well-being in Scotland: policy and philosophy, pitfalls and possibilities
* Linking Psychopathy and School Aggression in a Nonclinical Sample of Adolescents
* Using texts to increase access to school nurses (pdf)
* Attainment gap between FSM pupils and the rest
* Obesity associated with lower academic attainment in teenage girls
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Education Archive 16+] [Education Latest 16+] [Top]
* What is alcohol and drug education needs assessment and why is it important for schools? Free seminar Bristol 27 March 2014

  • Other

  • Other
Links about: age 5-11
* [Other Archive 5-11] [Other Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Developing children's language creativity through telling stories – An experimental study
* Enacting children’s citizenship: Developing understandings of how children enact themselves as citizens through actions and Acts of citizenship
* Songs From the Car Seat: Exploring the Early Childhood Music-Making Place of the Family Vehicle
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Other Archive 11-16] [Other Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Effects of Self-Esteem and Narcissism on Bullying and Victimization During Early Adolescence
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Other Archive 16+] [Other Latest 16+] [Top]