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  • Food

  • Food
Links about: age 5-11
* [Food Archive 5-11] [Food Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Associations between selected dietary behaviours and academic achievement: A study of Australian school aged children
* Class and eating: Family meals in Britain
* Seeing is doing. The implicit effect of TV cooking shows on children's use of ingredients
* The rural school meal as a site for learning about food
* The impact of front-of-pack marketing attributes versus nutrition and health information on parents' food choices
* From the children's perspective: What are candy, snacks, and meals?
* Children's purchase behavior in the snack market: Can branding or lower prices motivate healthier choices?
* Promoting healthier children's meals at quick-service and full-service restaurants
* Association between childcare educators’ practices and preschoolers’ physical activity and dietary intake
* Fruit Juice in Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Current Recommendations
* Water and beverage consumption patterns among 4 to 13-year-old children in the United Kingdom
* The Association between Parent Diet Quality and Child Dietary Patterns in Nine- to Eleven-Year-Old Children from Dunedin, New Zealand
* Assessing junk food consumption among Australian children
* Impact of bottle size on in-home consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages
* Farm Fresh Foods for Healthy Kids : An innovative community supported agriculture intervention to prevent childhood obesity in low-income families and strengthen local agricultural economies
* The effectiveness of asking behaviors among 9–11 year-old children in increasing home availability and children’s intake of fruit and vegetables
* Child-targeted fast-food television advertising exposure is linked with fast-food intake among pre-school children
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Food Archive 11-16] [Food Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Perceptions of healthy eating amongst Indian adolescents in India and Canada
* Is decision-making ability related to food choice and facets of eating behaviour in adolescents?
* Differences in physical activity, eating habits and risk of obesity among Kuwaiti adolescent boys and girls
* Associations between fruit and vegetable variety and low-grade inflammation in Portuguese adolescents from LabMed Physical Activity Study
* Lunch Salad Bars in New Orleans’ Middle and High Schools: Student Intake of Fruit and Vegetables
* School lunches in the Republic of Ireland: a comparison of the nutritional quality of adolescents’ lunches sourced from home or purchased at school or ‘out’ at local food outlets
* Changes in diet from age 10 to 14 years and prospective associations with school lunch choice
* Patterns of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption amongst young people aged 13–15 years during the school day in Scotland
* Role of fruits and vegetables in adolescent cardiovascular health: a systematic review
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Food Archive 16+] [Food Latest 16+] [Top]
* Social approval bias in self-reported fruit and vegetable intake after presentation of a normative message in college students
* Menu-engineering in restaurants - adapting portion sizes on plates to enhance vegetable consumption: a real-life experiment
* Milk-cereal and whole-grain dietary patterns protect against low bone mineral density among male adolescents and young adults
* Menu-engineering in restaurants - adapting portion sizes on plates to enhance vegetable consumption: a real-life experiment
* Energy drinks available in Ireland: a description of caffeine and sugar content

  • Drugs

  • Drugs
Links about: age 5-11
* [Drugs Archive 5-11] [Drugs Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Maternal alcohol disorders and school achievement: a population cohort record linkage study in Western Australia
* A randomised controlled trial of a complex intervention to reduce children’s exposure to secondhand smoke in the home
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Drugs Archive 11-16] [Drugs Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Prevalence of substance use among middle school-aged e-cigarette users compared with cigarette smokers, non-users and dual users: Implications for primary prevention
* Associations between anhedonia and marijuana use escalation across mid-adolescence.
* Trends in alcohol-related injury admissions in adolescents in Western Australia and England
* Frequent Binge Drinking Among US Adolescents, 1991 to 2015
* What could keep young people away from alcohol and cigarettes? Findings from the UK Household Longitudinal Study
* Trends in characteristics and multi-product use among adolescents who use electronic cigarettes, United States 2011-2015
* Cognitive Appraisals of Alcohol Use in Early Adolescence: Psychosocial Predictors and Reciprocal Associations With Alcohol Use
* Youth Problem Drinking: The Role of Parental and Familial Relationships
* Parental Monitoring Moderates the Relation Between Radio Exposure and Adolescent Alcohol and Tobacco Use
* Predictors of smoking among primary and secondary school students in Botswana
* Early maturation and substance use across adolescence and young adulthood: A longitudinal study of Finnish twins
* Neural mechanisms of risky decision making in adolescents reporting frequent alcohol and/or marijuana use
* Parental monitoring, adolescent dishonesty and underage drinking
* Longitudinal relationships of sleep and inhibitory control deficits to early adolescent cigarette and alcohol use
* Delivery of alcohol brief interventions in community-based youth work settings: exploring feasibility and acceptability in a qualitative study
* Underage drinking, group identity and access to alcohol: a qualitative study of Chinese youths
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Drugs Archive 16+] [Drugs Latest 16+] [Top]
* Energy Drinks and Alcohol Related Risk Among Young Adults
* The Role of Mindfulness Skills in terms of Anxiety-Related Cognitive Risk Factors among College Students with Problematic Alcohol Use
* The Role of Age and Setting in Adolescents' First Drinking Experience for Predicting College Problem Drinking
* Adolescents from upper middle class communities: Substance misuse and addiction across early adulthood
* Trends in drug offers among adolescents in the United States, 2002–2014
* Impact of adolescent alcohol use across the lifespan: Long-lasting tolerance to high-dose alcohol coupled with potentiated spatial memory impairments to moderate-dose alcohol
* Mediating alcohol use in Eastern Nigeria: a qualitative study exploring the role of popular media in young people's recreational drinking
* Trends in alcohol-related admissions to hospital by age, sex and socioeconomic deprivation in England, 2002/03 to 2013/14
* Medical Marijuana Legalization and Marijuana Use Among Youth in Oregon
* Lack of Preventive Health Behaviors in the Early Forties: The Role of Earlier Trajectories of Cigarette Smoking From Adolescence to Adulthood
* Alcohol harm reduction advertisements: a content analysis of topic, objective, emotional tone, execution and target audience
* Regulations and policies regarding e-cigarettes

  • SRE

  • SRE
Links about: age 5-11
* [RSE Archive 5-11] [RSE Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Engaging parents with sex and relationship education: A UK primary school case study
Links about: aged 11-16
* [RSE Archive 11-16] [RSE Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Long-Acting Reversible Contraception for Adolescents: A Review
* The relationship between frequent pornography consumption, behaviours, and sexual preoccupancy among male adolescents in Sweden.
* Intergenerational Associations in Sexual Onset: Mediating Influences of Parental and Peer Sexual Teasing and Youth Substance Use
* Attitudes toward Homosexuality in Adolescence: An Italian Study
* Effect of the PREPARE intervention on sexual initiation and condom use among adolescents aged 12–14: a cluster randomised controlled trial in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
* Perceived Parental Attitude toward Sex Education as Predictor of Sex Knowledge Acquisition: the Mediating Role of Global Self Esteem
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [RSE Archive 16+] [RSE Latest 16+] [Top]
* Long Live Love+: evaluation of the implementation of an online school-based sexuality education program in the Netherlands
* Motivations and experiences related to women’s first same-sex sexual encounters
* Could Australia have its own teacher professional standards for teaching relationships and sexuality education?
* Longitudinal associations between the use of sexually explicit material and adolescents' attitudes and behaviors

  • Exercise

  • Exercise
Links about: age 5-11
* [Exercise Archive 5-11] [Exercise Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Children’s physical activity during a segmented school week: results from a quasi-experimental education outside the classroom intervention
* Parent-Child association in physical activity and sedentary behaviour
* Are children participating in a quasi-experimental education outside the classroom intervention more physically active?
* ‘Drawing conclusions' Irish primary school children’s understanding of physical education and physical activity opportunities outside of school
* Promoting Parent and Child Physical Activity Together: Elicitation of Potential Intervention Targets and Preferences
* School-based physical activity opportunities in PE lessons and after-school hours: Are they associated with children’s daily physical activity?
* Partnerships for Active Children in Elementary Schools: Outcomes of a 2-Year Pilot Study to Increase Physical Activity During the School Day
* Primary school children get less active with age
* School grade and sex differences in domain-specific sedentary behaviors among Japanese elementary school children
* Context matters! sources of variability in weekend physical activity among families: a repeated measures study
* The love of sport: an investigation into the perceptions and experiences of physical education amongst primary school pupils
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Exercise Archive 11-16] [Exercise Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Physical Fitness, Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, or Diet—What Are the Correlates of Obesity in Polish School Children?
* Why Do Children Engage in Sedentary Behavior? Child- and Parent-Perceived Determinants
* Promoting physical activity among adolescent girls: the Girls in Sport group randomized trial
* Weather and children’s physical activity; how and why do relationships vary between countries?
* Media use, sports activities, and motor fitness in childhood and adolescence
* The effects of game types on intensity of small-sided games among pre-adolescent youth football players
* Physical activity awareness of European adolescents: The HELENA study
* Examining the Relationship Between School Sports Participation and Alcohol Use Among Middle School and High School Students
* Effects of physical education, extracurricular sports activities, and leisure satisfaction on adolescent aggressive behavior
* Prospective Analysis of the Influence of Sport and Educational Factors on the Prevalence and Initiation of Smoking in Older Adolescents from Croatia
* Sedentary behaviour and adiposity in youth: a systematic review of reviews and analysis of causality
* Within-person associations of young adolescents’ physical activity across five primary locations: is there evidence of cross-location compensation?
* A systematic review and meta-analysis of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity levels in secondary school physical education lessons
* Prenatal determinants of physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness in adolescence – Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986 study
* Age, period and cohort effects and the predictors of physical activity and sedentary behaviour among Chinese children, from 2004 to 2011
* Longitudinal Associations Between Sedentary Behavior of Adolescent Girls, Their Mothers, and Best Friends.
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Exercise Archive 16+] [Exercise Latest 16+] [Top]
* The appropriateness of training exposures for match-play preparation in adolescent schoolboy and academy rugby union players
* Links between religiously-focused exercise and body shape preoccupation among young adults
* Community engagement and sport? Building capacity to increase opportunities for community-based sport and physical activity
* Cardiorespiratory fitness levels and associations with physical activity and body composition in young South African adults from Soweto

  • Health

  • Health
Links about: age 5-11
* [Health Archive 5-11] [Health Latest 5-11] [Top]
* Parent-Child association in body weight status
* Body composition impacts appetite regulation in middle childhood. A prospective study of Norwegian community children
* Academic Performance and Lifestyle Behaviors in Australian School Children
* Schoolbags and back pain in children between 8 and 13 years: a national study
* Can Getting Enough Vitamin D during Pregnancy Reduce the Risk of Getting Asthma in Childhood?
* Effectiveness of a school-based intervention to reduce the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children aged 7–11 years from Poznań (Poland)
* More than Just Child’s Play?: An Experimental Investigation of the Impact of an Appearance-Focused Internet Game on Body Image and Career Aspirations of Young Girls
* Preadolescents’ Emotional and Prosocial Responses to Negative TV News: Investigating the Beneficial Effects of Constructive Reporting and Peer Discussion
* Trial baseline characteristics of a cluster randomised controlled trial of a school-located obesity prevention programme; the Healthy Lifestyles Programme (HeLP) trial
* Effectiveness of interventions to improve lifestyle behaviors among socially disadvantaged children in Europe
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Health Archive 11-16] [Health Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Chronic pain in high school students is associated with physical activity and sleeping hours but not with screen time
* Is age of menarche among school girls related to academic performance?
* What do adolescents with asthma really think about adherence to inhalers? Insights from a qualitative analysis of a UK online forum
* Later School Start Times: What Informs Parent Support or Opposition?
* The significant effects of puberty on the genetic diathesis of binge eating in girls
* Overweight adolescents and asthma: Revealing motivations and challenges with adolescent-provider communication
* Do parents’ support behaviours predict whether or not their children get sufficient sleep?
* Body dissatisfaction and associated factors among Brazilian adolescents
* Variable School Start Times and Middle School Student's Sleep Health and Academic Performance
* TV or Unrestricted, Unmonitored Internet Access in the Bedroom and BMI in Youth Athletes
* Prevalence of asthma and allergies in 13–14-year-old adolescents from Luanda, Angola
* Rural Asthma: Current Understanding of Prevalence, Patterns, and Interventions for Children and Adolescents
* Does having a pet make a difference? Highlights from the HBSC Portuguese study
* Longitudinal relations between adolescents' self-esteem and prosocial behavior toward strangers, friends and family
* Does parental and adolescent participation in an e-health lifestyle modification intervention improves weight outcomes?
* Health literacy in childhood and youth: a systematic review of definitions and models
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Health Archive 16+] [Health Latest 16+] [Top]
* Parental work absenteeism is associated with increased symptom complaints and school absence in adolescent children
* Do socio-cultural factors influence college students’ self-rated health status and health-promoting lifestyles?
* Economic stress and condescending treatment in childhood and adult self-rated health
* Is unemployment in young adulthood related to self-rated health later in life?
* Do E-health interventions improve physical activity in young people: a systematic review
* Motivation and obstacles for weight management among young women – a qualitative study with a public health focus - the Tromsø study: Fit Futures
* Poor knowledge of university students regarding paracetamol; a wakeup call for public healthcare practitioners
* Medical decision-making in children and adolescents: developmental and neuroscientific aspects

  • Lifestyle

  • Lifestyle
Links about: age 5-11
* [Lifestyle Archive 5-11] [Lifestyle Latest 5-11] [Top]
* How parents perceive screen viewing in their 5–6 year old child within the context of their own screen viewing time
* Technoference: Parent Distraction With Technology and Associations With Child Behavior Problems
* Coparenting Conflict and Academic Readiness in Children of Teen Mothers: Effortful Control as a Mediator.
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Lifestyle Archive 11-16] [Lifestyle Latest 11-16] [Top]
* Early Adolescents' Peer Experiences with Ethnic Diversity in Middle School: Implications for Academic Outcomes
* Mobile Phones in the Bedroom: Trajectories of Sleep Habits and Subsequent Adolescent Psychosocial Development
* Keeping secrets from friends: Exploring the effects of friendship quality, loneliness and self-esteem on secrecy
* Adolescent cybervictimization – Who they turn to and their perceived school climate
* A Six-Year Longitudinal Study of Texting Trajectories During Adolescence
* Child and Adolescent Use of Mobile Phones: An Unparalleled Complex Developmental Phenomenon
* Pathological Internet use, cyberbullying and mobile phone use in adolescence: a school-based study in Greece.
* Children’s and Adolescents’ Expectations about Challenging Unfair Group Norms
* Continued Bullying Victimization in Adolescents: Maladaptive Schemas as a Mediational Mechanism
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Lifestyle Archive 16+] [Lifestyle Latest 16+] [Top]
* Genetic and environmental origins of gambling behaviors from ages 18 to 25: A longitudinal twin family study.
* The Indirect Association between Television Exposure and Self-Protective Behavior as a Result of Worry about Crime: The Moderating Role of Gender
* Strategies and cues adolescents use to assess the age of an online stranger
* Factors associated with adolescent online and land-based gambling in Canada
* The associations between internet use time and school performance among Korean adolescents differ according to the purpose of internet use
* Patterns of Gambling Activities and Gambling Problems Among Italian High School Students
* Gambling frequency and symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in relation to problem gambling among Swedish adolescents

  • Education

  • Education
Links about: age 5-11
* [Education Archive 5-11] [Education Latest 5-11] [Top]
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Education Archive 11-16] [Education Latest 11-16] [Top]
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Education Archive 16+] [Education Latest 16+] [Top]

  • Other

  • Other
Links about: age 5-11
* [Other Archive 5-11] [Other Latest 5-11] [Top]
Links about: aged 11-16
* [Other Archive 11-16] [Other Latest 11-16] [Top]
Links about: ages 16-plus
* [Other Archive 16+] [Other Latest 16+] [Top]

  • Mental Health 5-16+

  • Mental Health 5-16+
Links about: aged 11-16
* Sad and lonely: body dissatisfaction among adolescent girls
* The relationship between sleep quality and depressive symptoms in adolescents
* Sex differences in auditory verbal hallucinations in early, middle and late adolescence: results from a survey of 17 451 Japanese students aged 12–18 years
* Self-Esteem Development in the School Context: The Roles of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Social Predictors
* The relationship between anxiety, depression and risk behaviors in adolescents
* Effectiveness of a pragmatic school-based universal intervention targeting student resilience protective factors in reducing mental health problems in adolescents
Links about: ages 16-plus
* Social Media Use and Episodic Heavy Drinking Among Adolescents
* Predictors of Mental Health Symptoms, Automatic Thoughts, and Self-Esteem Among University Students
* A cross-sectional analysis of green space prevalence and mental wellbeing in England

  • Health
  • Lifestyle

  • Health
  • Lifestyle
Links about: aged 11-16
* Health-related quality of life associated with bullying and aggression: a cross-sectional study in English secondary schools

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Lifestyle

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Lifestyle
Links about: aged 11-16
* The promotive effects of peer support and active coping on the relationship between bullying victimization and depression among chinese boarding students
* Cyberbullying Victimization and Adolescent Mental Health: Evidence of Differential Effects by Sex and Mental Health Problem Type

  • Exercise
  • Food

  • Exercise
  • Food
Links about: aged 11-16
* Bouts of Vigorous Physical Activity and Bone Strength Accrual During Adolescence
* Exercise and eating habits among urban adolescents: a cross-sectional study in Kolkata, India

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Exercise

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Exercise
Links about: aged 11-16
* Effects of childhood and adolescence physical activity patterns on psychosis risk—a general population cohort study
* Associations between self-rated health, mental health problems and physical inactivity among urban adolescents

  • Food
  • Lifestyle

  • Food
  • Lifestyle
Links about: aged 11-16
* Clustering and correlates of screen-time and eating behaviours among young adolescents
* Poor nutrition and bullying behaviors: A comparison of deviant and non-deviant youth

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Food

  • Mental Health 5-16+
  • Food
Links about: aged 11-16
* Avoidant coping moderates the relationship between stress and depressive emotional eating in adolescents

  • Drugs
  • Mental Health 5-16+

  • Drugs
  • Mental Health 5-16+
Links about: aged 11-16
* Anxiety and depression symptoms and alcohol use among adolescents


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