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African American children suffer from higher rates of tobacco-related disorders, such as asthma...'


Fewer children in Scotland are smoking, drinking and using drugs, according to a new report


Why the majority of adolescents overestimate peer smoking rate.


There is little strong evidence that school-based programmes are effective in the long term in preventing uptake of smoking.


Australian teenagers in lone-parent families were more likely to smoke than those resided in two-parent (couple) families and for young females, the difference in smoking prevalence is striking (25% versus 13%).




There is little strong evidence that school-based programmes are effective in the long term in preventing uptake of smoking.


'The extent to which tobacco marketing and tobacco use in films


Smoking cessation among US adolescent smokers is relatively rare.


Use of Cessation Methods Among Smokers Aged 16--24 Years


UK 11 year olds who smoked just one cigarette were twice as likely to take up smoking within the next few years as their peers who resisted the urge.


Prevention of smoking in adolescents with lower education: a school based intervention study


Physical activity among adolescent tobacco and electronic cigarette users


Physical Activity and Quit Motivation Moderators of Adolescent Smoking Reduction


Prospective Analysis of the Influence of Sport and Educational Factors on the Prevalence and Initiation of Smoking in Older Adolescents from Croatia


Sitting at your desk is as bad as smoking


Tobacco Use Experimentation, Physical Activity, and Risk of Depression Among Multiethnic Urban Preadolescents


Formative evaluation of a UK community-based sports intervention to prevent smoking among children and young people: SmokeFree Sports


Leisure time physical activity motives and smoking in adolescence


Loosening the link between childhood poverty and adolescent smoking and obesity


When video games get problematic so do smoking, drug use and aggression


The attitudes towards and behavior of Greek pupils to nutrition, smoking, stress and physical activity (pdf)


Early initiation of alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, and sexual intercourse linked to suicidal ideation and attempts: findings from the 2006 Korean Youth Risk Behavior Survey


Interrelationships of Exercise, Nutrition and Smoking Behaviors among College Students (pdf)


US study suggests loosing weight and stopping smoking would boost average life span by 1.3 years


Smoking Cessation Failure Among Korean Adolescents


Randomized trial outcomes of a TTM-tailored condom use and smoking intervention in urban adolescent females


Randomized trial outcomes of a TTM-tailored condom use and smoking intervention in urban adolescent females


Tobacco and alcohol use in the context of adolescent pregnancy and postpartum: a scoping review of the literature (pdf)


Tobacco and alcohol use in the context of adolescent pregnancy and postpartum: a scoping review of the literature (pdf)


Schools as smoke-free zones? Barriers and facilitators to the adoption of outdoor school ground smoking bans at secondary schools


Educational inequalities in general and mental health: differential contribution of physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption and diet


Environmental exposure and effects on health of children from a tobacco-producing region


Uncovering risky behaviors of expatriate teenagers in the United Arab Emirates: A survey of tobacco use, nutrition and physical activity habits


Asthma in Mexican school-age children is not associated with passive smoking or obesity (pdf)


Literature Review on the Role of External Contributors in School Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education drama


Does deterioration in mental health after smoking cessation predict relapse to smoking?


No smoke without fire – the link between smoking and mental health


Tobacco Use Experimentation, Physical Activity, and Risk of Depression Among Multiethnic Urban Preadolescents


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