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10-09 Antismoking public service announcements and adolescents' smoking-related behavioral intentions
10-09 “Just because you’ve got lung cancer doesn’t mean I will”: Lung cancer, smoking, and family dynamics
10-07 Determinants of resilience to cigarette smoking among young Australians at risk
10-07 Determinants of resilience to cigarette smoking among young Australians at risk
10-07 The role of family background on cigarette smoking among adolescent school children in Slovakia
10-07 Can attending preschool reduce the risk of tobacco smoking in adulthood? The effects of Kindergarten Union participation in South Australia.
10-07 Household smoking and dental caries in schoolchildren
10-06 Shops still selling cigarettes to children
10-06 Cigarette smoking increases the risk of symptoms of depression
10-06 Corner shopkeepers believe a ban on tobacco displays in shops could directly threaten the viability of their business.
10-06 Parental smoking and pretend smoking in young children
10-06 Adolescent attributes and young adult smoking cessation behavior
10-05 Cost-effectiveness analysis of the Not On Tobacco program for adolescent smoking cessation
10-05 Children living in apartments with non-smoking adults still exposed to secondhand smoke
10-05 Smoking and genes
10-05 Exposure to smoking in movies among British adolescents 2001--2006
10-05 Communicative fathers' help reduce teenage smoking
10-04 Comparative responses to radio and television anti-smoking advertisements to encourage smoking cessation
10-04 Tobacco use and related factors among pre-university students in a college in Bangalore, India
10-03 Using Drama to Prevent Teen Smoking: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of Crossroads in Hawai`i
10-03 A call for smoking to be banned in all vehicles, parks and play areas
10-03 An integrated framework for the analysis of adolescent cigarette smoking in middle school Latino youth
10-03 Does the 'Healthy Immigrant Effect' Extend to Smoking in Immigrant Children?
10-03 School-based interventions to prevent smoking: slide set
10-03 Exposure to smoking in movies
10-03 Parental communication appears not to be an effective strategy to reduce smoking in a sample of Dutch adolescents
10-03 Predicting the life-time benefit of school-based smoking prevention programmes
10-03 Consumer and health literacy: The need to better design tobacco-cessation product packaging, labels, and inserts
10-03 Smoking prevents Alzheimer's? It depends who you ask
10-02 'Third-hand smoke' that lingers on things such as clothes and furnishings can be dangerous
10-02 Household environmental tobacco smoke and risks of asthma, wheeze and bronchitic symptoms among children in Taiwan
10-02 Emotional, behavioural problems and cigarette smoking in Greek adolescents
10-01 Blogging as 'therapy'? Exploring personal technologies for smoking cessation
10-01 Intentions to quit smoking among youth in substance abuse treatment
10-01 Key points in preventing tobacco use among adolescents
10-01 Smoking and ageing
10-01 Cracking down on youth tobacco may influence drug use
10-01 Identifying patterns in partnership with students who want to quit smoking
10-01 How do young people from different countries compare on drink, tobacco and cannabis?
10-01 Smoking and drinking among college students: 'It's a package deal'
09-12 Strong 'skunk' and psychosis
09-12 Density of tobacco retailers near U.S. schools: effects on tobacco use among students
09-12 Youth smoking status: perceptions versus measurements
09-12 Social-cognitive beliefs, alcohol, and tobacco use: a prospective community study of change following a ban on smoking in public places
09-12 Smoking and Young People - research in 2009 (via ASH Scotland)
09-11 An ecological system approach to adolescent smoking behavior
09-11 Adolescents' perceptions of smoking and stress reduction
09-11 Debunking the claim that abstinence is usually healthier for smokers than switching to a low-risk alternative, and other observations about anti-tobacco-harm-reduction arguments
09-11 If parents establish a no-smoking agreement with their offspring, does this prevent adolescents from smoking? Findings from three Dutch studies
09-11 'Smoking among Dutch elementary schoolchildren: gender-specific predictors'
09-11 Associations between smoking and extreme dieting among U.S. adolescents
09-11 Contribution of parental and school personnel smoking to health risk behaviours among Finnish adolescents
09-10 The influence of tobacco marketing on adolescent smoking intentions via normative beliefs
09-10 How does exposure to cigarette advertising contribute to smoking in adolescents? The role of the developing self-concept and identification with advertising models
09-10 U.S. teenage smoking-cessation trial is the first to achieve significant increase in prolonged quit rates
09-10 Race/ethnicity, socioeconomic factors, and smoking among early adolescent girls in the U.S.
09-09 School-based interventions to prevent smoking: consultation on the draft guidance
09-09 Young adult smoking behavior: Implications for future population health
09-09 Use of smokeless tobacco and risk of myocardial infarction and stroke
09-09 Youth smoking status: perceptions versus measurements
09-08 The effect of maternal smoking during pregnancy on intellectual disabilities among 8-year-old children
09-08 Adult versus adolescent onset of smoking: how are mood disorders and other risk factors involved?
09-08 The soundtrack of substance use: music preference and adolescent smoking and drinking.
09-07 Introducing a successful peer-led smoking cessation programme into Tower Hamlets schools
09-07 The association between smoking onset and exposure to movie smoking according to character type.
09-07 Smoking, culture and working class young people: why is it still cool to smoke?
09-07 Act on Smoking' -- an innovative preventative tool for young people
09-07 Early initiation of tobacco use in adolescent girls: key sociostructural influences
09-07 Young people and smoking -- evidence on what works in prevention and cessation
09-06 Mothers, smoking during pregnancy and through their childs early childhood, could cause their children to smoke as adults
09-06 Can smoking ever be made safe?
09-06 Despite the efforts of college students to quit smoking, recent research suggests that an extended trial and error period is necessary
09-06 Popular television shows such as The Simpsons promote tobacco use simply by showing it in so many episodes.
09-06 Parents' early and late smoking cessation as predictors of their young adult children's smoking cessation.
09-06 Alcohol and smoking are key causes for bowel cancer
09-05 Factors that influenced smoking behaviours among male adolescents in Kuantan District, Malaysia
09-04 The number of Cumbrian schoolchildren who take up smoking has fallen
09-04 Parents can help their teenagers to never start smoking
09-03 Second hand smoke could cause dementia
09-03 Adolescent smoking in Sweden has decreased and the proportion who never tried smoking has increased
09-03 Age of smoking initiation and risk of breast cancer in a sample of Ontario women
09-02 Global Youth Tobacco Survey in Panama
09-02 Teenage children worry about their parents' future due to the harmful health effects of smoking
09-02 Tobacco marketing continues to have a large impact on U.S. youth
09-01 Linda Robson's smoking diary
09-01 Swedish girls are starting to smoke at younger ages than their counterparts in other countries
08-12 Smoke Rings (from Tacade) is an interesting, interactive and fun way for children (aged 9+) to learn about smoking issues.'
08-12 The Liverpool Longitudinal Study on Smoking : Experiences, beliefs and behaviour of adolescents in Secondary School 2002-2006
08-12 U.S. programme credited with cutting underage drinking and tobacco use
08-11 Exposure to smoking in films appears associated with smoking among Mexican adolescents
08-10 Genes may determine which smoking cessation treatment works best
08-07 Toward a Global View of Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis, and Cocaine Use: Findings from the WHO World Mental Health Surveys
08-07 Dutch law will allow cafe customers to light up tobacco-free pure cannabis joints but ban tobacco and cannabis joints
08-07 Drug Use, Smoking and Drinking among young people in England 2007
08-05 A US study suggests that restaurant smoking bans may play a big role in persuading teenagers not to become smokers
08-05 German youths are turning away from tobacco and cannabis but there's been an "alarming" rise in binge-drinking
08-05 East Sussex Youth Cabinet launches smoking campaign
08-04 Preventing the uptake of smoking by children: consultation on the draft guidance
08-03 ...very soon after that first cigarette, adolescents can experience a loss of autonomy over tobacco
08-03 Smoking cessation rates are still lower among those aged 20 or under