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Research Links : about 11-16 year old school pupils

10-02 Internet-based prevention for alcohol and cannabis use: final results of the Climate Schools course
09-12 Characteristics of Internet use of Chinese addictive Elementary and Middle school students and its influence on Internet addiction
09-11 The association between Internet use and depressive symptoms among South Korean adolescents.
09-10 Get Safe Online
09-09 New online learning tool launched to help kids protect themselves from infections
09-09 The working alliance in online therapy with young people: preliminary findings
09-09 Offline social ties and online use of computers: A study of disabled youth and their use of ICT advances
09-09 Get Safe Online
09-09 'JungleMemory', an online game, and improvements in academic performance
09-08 Get Safe Online
09-08 Exposure to tobacco on the Internet: Content analysis of adolescents' Internet use
09-07 Get Safe Online
09-07 Eye-tracking software opens online worlds to people with disabilities
09-07 Electronic media use and adolescent health and well-being
09-07 Effect of visual media use on school performance
09-05 Screen media time usage of 12--16 year-old Spanish school adolescences
09-05 The younger generation uses the Internet in a more concentrated way and was exposed to more negative content online
09-05 Urban Chinese youth and the Internet cafe
09-04 40% of pupils admit that they have Internet 'chat buddies' who they do not know in real life
09-04 Online computer gaming: Advice for parents and teachers
09-04 Media coverage of teenage boys is unrelentingly negative
09-04 Gap between parents' perceptions and children's actual Internet online activities
09-01 Internet generation leave parents behind
08-10 Cyberbullying is common among teenagers who are frequent internet users, with 72 percent of respondents reporting at least one incident during the past year.
08-06 US Youth Trends - Tween & Teen Lifestyle Report: teens and preteens media consumption increasing
08-06 The Norton Online Living Report gives a snapshot of how different cultures and different countries approach the Internet
08-04 27% of 8-11 year olds who are aware of social networking Internet sites (e.g. MySpace) say that they have an illegal profile on a site
07-12 Do online adverts affect young people?
07-12 Assessing commercial activity on children's favourite websites and online environments
07-11 Safe surfing on the Internet : launch of a game for children
07-09 According to a Dutch study....Using the Internet and mobile phone text messaging services can help teenagers improve their asthma control.
07-08 Food manufacturers target children on the Internet after regulator's TV advertising clampdown.
07-08 Young people turn to the virtual world for real life experiences: Young people can experience huge benefits from participating in multiplayer online role playing games.
07-03 Internet-administered adolescent health promotion in The Netherlands.
07-02 US teenagers who talk to strangers online are more likely to become victims of online harassment than those who share their personal information on the Internet