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Young people’s assessment of their fitness

Since 1991, the Schools Health Education Unit have asked over 477,000 young people about their fitness. The question appears in the Health Related Behaviour Questonnaire (HRBQ) among other questions relating to exercise and sport. The results, from over 100 questions in the HRBQ, are used by health and education authorities to inform their planning.

The young people are asked to rate their level of fitness on a scale: Very fit, Fit, Moderately fit, Unfit, Very unfit. The chart below show data compiled from 477,549 10-15 year olds.

10-15 yr. olds who report being fit or very fit, 1991-2011


There is an overall decline in those reporting being fit or very fit. As they get older, the females report feeling they have lower fitness levels. 14-15 year old females have consistently reported the lowest levels of fitness. The higher self-assessment of the males is consistent with their higher participation in sporting activities. Do the females see themselves as less fit than the males because they participate in less physical activity or indeed are they less fit than the males?

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Young people are fit and active - fact or fiction? " ... young people’s habitual physical activity and aerobic fitness ... reference to previous generations."

Children are still fit, but not active! "... young people's fitness and physical activity are not deteriorating over time."

Childhood aerobic fitness predicts cognitive performance one year later  "... children classified as aerobically fit still outperform their lower-fit peers on the cognitive challenge approximately one year later."



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Many thanks to you and your team for turning this around so quickly.
We really appreciate it, and also your extra support with the administration this time.

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"You and the team have the evidence to show how young people's behaviour has or hasn't changed over time." 
Tribute from a Health Education Co-ordinator to John Balding, presented at his retirement lunch, May 2005

Health Education Co-ordinator

"Many thanks for a major contribution to the health of children in the UK and elsewhere over many years and putting in place the continuation of the Unit." Tribute from a Director of Public Health to John Balding, presented at his retirement lunch, May 2005

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"We did this last year with Year 8 and 10 and was incredibly useful. It is WELL worth doing and so useful to inform PSHE planning. The safeguarding audit team were delighted that we had done it. The findings are so so interesting.
"The findings are really comprehensive and range from what percentage of year 8 have breakfast in the morning to how many have tried this particular drug, to identity, health and sleep patterns, mental health, citizenship issues....
"It's essential for the PSHE and pastoral curriculum."

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"We never make a move without looking at these excellent reports." Public Health Consultant

Public Health Consultant

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work regarding writing and compiling the sex education survey. The survey was well executed and the schools have found their individual reports very helpful. The results of the survey have enabled the Local Campaign Group to justify the need for young men's campaigns and given us invaluable insight as to the thoughts and experiences of this target group."

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