Teenage pregnancy - birth control services

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Young people’s knowledge of local birth control services

The two charts below show data, since 1993, from thousands of young people who have taken part in SHEU's Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire (HRBQ). They provide a glimpse into young people’s knowledge of local services.

There are three response options to the question about locally available birth control services for young people. The first chart, shows the results from those pupils who have responded to the Don't know option. The figures, showing that 40-80% of pupils report they don't know about a local service, need to be considered alongside the numbers reporting that they knew there was not a local service (not shown but inferred from the charts presented). Those that don’t know suggests a lack of knowledge that could be accommodated through health promotion programmes. Those that report not knowing may also be a reflection of a perceived lack of need to know.

The second chart, ‘Know about a local birth control service for young people’, shows older pupils occupying the higher percentages and 14-15 year old females report the highest numbers. The lower figures, from the 14-15 year old males, may be more of a surprise if it is assumed that this group have asked the question. There is an upward trend although a peak, in responses from younger pupils, may have been reached around 2007 .



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