Young People on their own

Young People on their own

We're working hard on the production of our once-annual reports following the retirement of David McGeorge last year, but we're realising how much work he used to put in!

But we've compiled all the aggregate data sets, and have produced most of the tables, and have had a peek at what the results are telling us.

Sample sizes:

2015 Year 8    20,850 Year 10   16,909 Overall   37,759
2016 Year 8    23,840 Year 10   18,894 Overall   42,734

We have in recent years had some concerns about the emotional wellbeing of young people. Which prompts the question: what support do these young people have?

There is a key question which might indicate how much support is available to young people:
How many adults can you trust?

Not all local authority surveys used these questions, so the sample size drops. 

2015 No trusted adult  Year 8    7% Year 10   10% Overall   8% N=11,316
2016 No trusted adult  Year 8    6% Year 10   9% Overall   7% N=20,931
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