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"I glean so much useful information from the research emails."

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"I share (the research emails) with schools developing their PSHE programmes."

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"... the information is always brilliant!"

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"Someone has forwarded your email which looks very interesting. Can I be put on your mailing list?"

Student Services Manager

"I would very much still like to receive your emails as I find them very useful. Many thanks for your continued support."

Health and Community Consultant

"SHEU's information is the most efficient and comprehensive way I have of keeping up to date with current issues and research about young people."

Health Teacher

"Thanks - very interesting. Please could I subscribe."

College Nurse

"I like the format, easy to read, links work!"

Research and Statistics Officer

"Most helpful, thanks"

National Health Education Group member

"The email link system works good for me, no complaints. The links are relevant to my work and I use some of the information to pass on back to schools."

Healthy Schools Advisor