SHEU offer health and wellbeing questionnaires for young people in every phase of education, online or on paper.

We also offer perception and other questionnaires for pupils, parents and school staff.

We will customise our questionnaires for young people with special needs in mainstream schools or in alternative provision.

We produce an annual report of findings from across the country and occasional other reports showing trends and analysis in different topic areas.

Local authorities can request short summary reports and slideshows for public dissemination or detailed reports and analysis for use in-house.

Schools get a report showing headlines, comparisons with overall local authority results, significant changes since last time they surveyed, and other summaries and analysis

The same template can be used to produce a report for one area in a local authority or one group of young people e.g. LGB

Results and analysis tools are available online for schools and local authorities.

Online surveys are designed with young people in mind and require no special software -- just an ordinary web browser, which can run on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Our journal Education and Health is now online and free. The complete archive of old articles can be searched and read online.

We trawl the Internet for the latest research news concerning young people, their health and wellbeing, and a sorted collection of links can be emailed to you each month.

The complete archive of links can be searched and read here on our website.

 We offer young people a slideshow to introduce the survey before taking part, and can provide a report of the results designed for them.


SHEU has been using questionnaires to promote better discussions about health and education since 1977.

We have questionnaires about health, lifestyle and wellbeing for pupilsstudentsparents and teachers.

We offer surveys online and on paper.

We can work with you to design monitoring or evaluation studies for knowledge, attitude or behavioural change.


SHEU has been organising and publishing in health education for decades, including:


You can use SHEU to keep up to date with what's happening for young people's health and wellbeing, including:

Welcome to SHEU

Comments about SHEU

"It's good to talk with you again - we used so much of those data and did so much with it in schools - we really got the place buzzing!"

Consultant in Public Health

"The credit goes to you for the fabulous information the survey yields!"

Assistant Director Schools and SEN

"We use the data to inform whole school practice: Pastoral programmes for target groups of pupils; Items for discussion with School Council; Information to help us achieve the Healthy School gold standard; To develop and dicuss with pupils our Anti-Bullying Policy; Targeted whole class sessions with the Police Community Support Officers; To share pupil perceptions of all aspects of their school life with parents, staff and governers." 

Learning Mentor

"We would like to take part in the next ECM survey. We have found the data produced invaluable for supporting evidence in our SEF etc."

School Vice Principal

"The survey reports have been used to inform commissioning at specific commissioning groups. They are also being used within our Extended Schools Clusters and to inform The Annual Public Health and the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment." Programme Manager - Young People

"Over the last twenty years you have achieved much. The surveys and subsequent reports have painted the clearest picture we have of what young people are doing and what they think." OFSTED 1998


"The data from the 2018/19 survey is still in heavy use here, the physical activity related findings were pivotal in changing the relevant strategy recently to target less active groups like girls towards the end of secondary school, and I’ve three fairly hefty jobs on the to-do list that will use the data with other sources to identify target schools for mental health and physical activity projects, and another looking at community safety. I call it the gift that keeps giving and that certainly seems to be the case!"

Senior Public Health Specialist (Intelligence)

Thank you for following up with schools the comments that caused concern. It is very sad to hear that some of our children have these thoughts and feelings and I am so grateful that you were able to make the schools aware of this so that they can attempt to offer some support.

This is another reason why I am so pleased that we have been able to work with you to offer this survey.

Health and Wellbeing Adviser

"Please send an additional copy of our report - it is the most requested and borrowed item in the whole library." Health Promotion Unit

Health Promotion Unit

"Thanks for presenting the survey to local schools this morning, I just wanted to thank you for such interesting and thought-provoking information.  
I’m really glad we were able to take part - the information (particularly headline data and differences) will support us to have some really interesting questions with the Year group as a whole about the sense they’re making of this; what they think it might mean in terms of changes they might make, and what they need to support them in this."

Deputy Headteacher