Young People in 2000

A unique contemporary archive of young people, Young People in 2000 - web edition provides the answers to over 100 health-related behaviour questions.

42,073 young people, between the ages of 10 and 15, tell us about what they do at home, at school, and with their friends. These data have been collected from 389 primary and secondary schools across the United Kingdom. Annually since 1986, the Schools Health Education Unit (an independent research unit based in Exeter) has published the collected Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire (HRBQ) results. A large number of separate school surveys have been carried out, some schools repeating surveys of their pupils on five occasions. The data banks at the Unit are a unique resource that are consulted by a wide range of groups and individuals including Local Education Authorities, Health Authorities, Government Offices, University departments, schools, teachers and other interested individuals.

Young People in 2000 - web edition is the 15th in our annual series of publications based from the aggregated results of our survey work.

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