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  1. We collect contact information from you to fulfil your orders or reply to queries.
  2. We might use this information to contact you again if you don't advise us otherwise.
  3. We try and protect any information we hold about you as securely as we can, however information supplied over the Internet is never completely secure.
  4. We use PayPal for sales functions will set cookies on your computer.

1. Your personal information

  • We collect contact information from you to fulfil your orders or reply to queries.
    • We might use this information to contact you again, particularly if you join our mailing list.
    • You can let us know when you give us the information or let us know now that you do not wish to receive further contact from us.
  • We will let you know what information we hold about you if you ask us, but we might make a charge for doing this (no more than £10).
  • We don't sell or share our mailing lists (e-mail or postal).
  • We take steps to secure our server from hackers and the premises have a monitored alarm linked to the police.

2. Cookies

We use PayPal for sales and Google Analytics for counting page visits, and both functions will set cookies on your computer.

  • Cookies are records about you or your use of websites that are created by a web page that you visit and written to a file stored on your computer. The cookie file can be read back by websites during the same or a later session.
  • Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies by default. You should be able to control if and when you allow cookies to be stored on your machine, and can view or delete any cookies stored.
  • We ask for your permission to set cookies, or we try to. 

3. Logging your visit.

Our website currently runs Drupal 7, and this records standard information about your visit, which we can read.

4. Online ordering.

If you don't want to pay for an order online, you can order by e-mail or post.
Our online ordering is currently supported by PayPal. You can read their policy statements; PayPal use cookies to manage your online order.

5. Online surveys

Our online survey service is currently hosted by 1and1. The policies associated with the online survey service are here.

6. Contact us

If you would like to contact us regarding this policy or other matters, details are on another page.


Comments about SHEU

"You have made a fantastic contribution to children’s health education and promotion. I am personally grateful to you for helping to kickstart my research career." Prof. Neil Armstrong tribute to John Balding, presented at his retirement lunch, May 2005

Prof Neil Armstrong

"Many thanks to SHEU for your excellent professional support over the years."

PSHE teacher

"Over the last twenty years you have achieved much. The surveys and subsequent reports have painted the clearest picture we have of what young people are doing and what they think." Tribute from OFSTED to John Balding, presented at his retirement lunch, May 2005


"SHEU data proved the best source of the kind of information we were looking for (...) to provide research support to the National Healthy Schools Programme." 

Department of Health

"We would like to take part in the next ECM survey. We have found the data produced invaluable for supporting evidence in our SEF etc."

School Vice Principal

"One year (following the SHEU survey) responses from our Year 4 cohort caused us concern, so we put in place a number of team building, motivational projects. We then assessed their effectiveness by requesting the SHEU questionnaires for these pupils as Year 5's."

Learning Mentor

Any comments on specific survey questions that may have caused difficulty?
Pupils at our primary school found the questionnaire very easy to understand and most of them completed the questions in less than 45min.


"...the most comprehensive health education survey."

Daily Telegraph

"The Schools Health Education Unit is the jewel in the crown of the Health Education Authority." Major General Sir John Acland 1928 - 2006

Major General Sir John Acland

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your talk at last week's conference.

Chief Executive, substance use charity