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" ... the information is really useful in school."

Deputy Headteacher Primary School

"Always interesting to read perspective you offer."

Learning Resources Manager

"The Pastoral Team greatly value the up to date information that we receive from SHEU."

Vice Principal

"The email link system works good for me, no complaints. The links are relevant to my work and I use some of the information to pass on back to schools."

Healthy Schools Advisor

"I found it really easy to navigate and to follow links to get further information on topics which interested me. Congratulations on a good publication."

Health Improvement Manager

"I find the information very useful for my work."

SRE Consultant

"Many thanks for this. It is incredibly useful!"

College Nurse

"We all value your regular emails and appreciate their content."

PSHE & Citizenship Adviser

"Your research emails are really beneficial to our students."

Sixth Form College Senior Tutor

"The research news has really interesting links, a welcome addition to SHEU's work, and forwarded to our HeadTeacher who is very committed to addressing the links between diet and behaviour."

Head of Family and Child Care