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Young People into 2014 - 28th in the series Wire bound edition £25 (incl.p&p)
Young People into 2013 - 27th in the series Electronic edition £20
Young People into 2012 - 26th in the series Wire bound edition £15 (incl.p&p)
Young People into 2011 - 25th in the series Wire bound edition £10 (incl.p&p)
FOOD:Now and Then e-report
TRENDS Young People and Illegal Drugs 1987-2008
TRENDS Young People and Smoking 1983-2007
TRENDS Young People & Food Choices 1983-2007
Education and Health Journal  
Young People into 2009 - 23rd in the series
Young People into 2008 - 22nd in the series
Young People into 2007 - 21st in the series  
Young People into 2006 - 20th in the series  
Young People in 2004 - 19th in the series  
Young People in 2003 - 18th in the series  
Young People in 2002 - 17th in the series  
Young People in 2001 - 16th in the series  
Young People in 2000 - 15th in the series
Young People in 1999 - 14th in the series
Young People in 1998 with a look back as far as 1983
Young People in 1997 Figures from surveys
Young People in 1996 Figures from surveys
Young People and Illegal Drugs into 2000 [D1]
Young People and Illegal Drugs in 1998 [D2]



Comments about SHEU

"The data from last time were spot-on and we have done lots of work with it. We are very keen to repeat the survey." Headteacher


"Your work in developing the Health Related Behaviour Survey was ground breaking and has continued to evolve." Tribute from a Director of Public Health to John Balding, presented at his retirement lunch, May 2005

“(The SHEU survey) was very, very useful. It gave us reassurance we weren’t missing a trick. For example not many pupils in the sample year groups were taking illegal drugs, which re-enforced our opinions. But the survey also raised issues and flagged some things up. We discovered that some of our girls weren’t eating enough – the percentage of girls in our school not eating lunch the day before the survey was higher than the county average. There were other concerns too, specifically around cigarettes, alcohol and attendance.
The school used this data and took a number of actions to address it. More female peer mentors were put in place and the school asked NEXUS (the Extended Schools service) for help, so they developed a programme for girls which addressed their eating patterns, healthy eating, sex education and self-esteem issues.
We ran an anti-bullying group for Year 9 as a preventative measure, based upon data provided by our current Year 10 students.
The travel data revealed that a high number of pupils took the car to school so we involved the BIKE-IT scheme who ran assemblies, brought in their bikes (including one with a pedal-powered smoothie maker!), and raised awareness of health and green issues.
The information about how happy the students were with their lives raised some concerns as far fewer girls were as happy as the boys, so work was done around developing aspirations, role-models and self-esteem."        

Deputy Head, Secondary School

"We're very happy to commission another survey from you. Our colleagues in School Improvement are dead keen to work with us on this. During our last LA Inspection, we were flagged from our Tellus data as having a bullying problem. We could demonstrate with our SHEU data - which had a much better sample size and coverage of the authority - that we did not have the problem they suggested. The Inspectors went away happy and we are definitely surveying again with SHEU."

Local Authority Senior Adviser

"This is an excellent way of keeping up to date belt and braces style."

School Drugs Advisor

"Brilliant - thank you Angela. As always you and your team are so proficient at getting our requests dealt with so promptly - it is a real pleasure to work with such a great organisation."

Health Improvement Adviser

Please could our College be part of the SHEU survey this academic year? We did it in 2016 and 2017 and found it incredibly informative and it helped us shape our PSHE provision.

Assistant Principal

"You have made a fantastic contribution to children’s health education and promotion. I am personally grateful to you for helping to kickstart my research career." Prof. Neil Armstrong tribute to John Balding, presented at his retirement lunch, May 2005

Prof Neil Armstrong

"The data for (us) are very useful ... This is especially important when evaluating the impact of interventions regarding alcohol or other areas, as the survey data are likely to provide an earlier indication than routine data sources."

Specialist Registrar in Public Health

"As a Deputy Head in a large secondary school I was involved in taking part in a city wide health and wellbeing survey over a period of six years. Completing the survey every two years grew in importance year on year, with the final cycle having a major impact on our SDP, PHSE curriculum, Ofsted outcomes and governor understanding.
Over the six year period we moved from a small sample in two tutor groups filling in a paper survey to two year groups completing an online survey. The reports produced give graphical analysis of a wide range of issues. As a result of the survey we increased the number of PSHE workshop days for students to address issues such as smoking, drug and alcohol awareness, anti-bullying workshops. The surveys helped Governors make a positive informed decision to allow Brook Advisory Clinic nurses on site to support students.
As a result of taking part and using the evidence provided we were able to offer more support for students which had a direct impact on improved attendance and outcomes."

Deputy Head Secondary School