Food: Now and Then - Attitudes to Food

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Food: Now and Then - Young People’s Attitudes to Food

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750,000 young people, between the ages of 10 and 15 tell us about their attitude to food, healthy eating and weight control.  This report has data published in 2011 from SHEU's Health-Related Behaviour Questionnaire (HRBQ) with some fascinating trend information, some going back to 1983 a generation ago.  So, some of our original subjects in the 1980s have probably had children who have contributed to the findings in 2010. Topics cover breakfast, lunch, attitudes to weight, food preferences, drinking water, snacking and considering healthy food options.
The first two charts (below) show those youngsters who report eating crisps and vegetables 'on most days'.  A declining trend is seen in crisp consumption (also reported by others) and a rising trend in those who report eating vegetables.  


The more times per. week young people report eating fresh fruit and vegetables they are more likely to report: Having breakfast, Never Smoking, Expecting to achieve 5 A-C GCSEs (view chart)

Another example chart (below) shows those youngsters who report not having schoolday lunch ‘yesterday’. Data from 1986 show an upward trend with a consistently high percentage from females. 


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