Fit to Succeed

The Fit to Succeed programme involves much more than just the online survey but if you would like to try it out do get in touch.


The Fit to Succeed programme has undergone a major expansion since its initial beginnings in schools in the late 90s. More information about the development of the Fit to Succeed project details the original organisations involved and provides copies of the early reports.

[See also The Fit to Succeed Toolkit and "Pupils get Fit to Succeed" 2001.]

The continued growth of the project has been highlighted significantly by the Exeter School Sport partnership (ESSP summary report 2006 - 251kb pdf).

The partnership has expanded to include three new secondary schools and their families. The number of students completing the survey has more than doubled from 2006. In 2006 3,531 students completed the survey and in 2007 9,600 participated. In addition to the main primary and secondary surveys, a Key Stage 1 pilot has been launched in response to the demand from first schools to take part. It is hoped that this development will be finalised shortly so that Early Years pupils access can be fully incorporated in the near future.

With over 13,000 students having participated in the project over the past 2 years the data set is proving to be a major resource for the partnership. Individual schools are able to review and analyse their results online and compare their data with a previous survey or to that of similar schools within their family. They also have the opportunity to study their results in relation to the whole partnership.

The impact of the Fit to Succeed data has been highlighted in the 2006 and 2008 Ofsted inspection at Exeter’s St. Luke’s Science and Sports College:

“The personal development and well-being of students is good with outstanding features. The College makes excellent use of the data such as that from the “Fit to Succeed” survey. The outcomes of the survey have been carefully analysed and have had a positive impact on teaching and the ways in which students are supported and guided.” Ofsted 2006

“The impact of the 'Fit to Succeed' philosophy of the college continues to be identified as outstanding practice in reducing childhood obesity and helping ensure the appropriate physical development of students.” Ofsted 2008

Additional Resources:

Further information (124kb pdf)

Tutors Online Guide (686kb pdf)

Teachers session plan (366kb pdf)

Example Primary School Headline summary report (209kb pdf)

Example Sports College Headline summary report (209kb pdf)

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For more information, please contact Angela Balding at SHEU Tel: 01392 667272


Comments about SHEU

"The (named) Children and Young People's Partnership has benefitted from the results of the SHEU survey locally for many years now, and we should like to continue to do so in future."

Consultant in Public Health Medicine

"This week I have been working on a major strategy for service design -- it is easy to get solely focussed on hospitals, performance targets, and work force planning -- all very important; but at the same the needs of young people and how we need to work across agencies to address the health needs of today and tomorrow must be recognised. SHEU is founded to do just this."

PCT Performance Manager

"...the most comprehensive health education survey."

Daily Telegraph

I would be extremely interested to see the results as I know how useful this information has been to the other schools in the


"On behalf of all the health promoters in Scotland I would like to say a big thank to you and your colleagues for your excellent work over the years. This includes not only your survey work but your role as a visiting examiner in Scotland and adviser on course development."
Tribute from a Health Commissioner to John Balding, presented at his retirement lunch, May 2005

Health Commissioner

"We use the data to inform whole school practice: Pastoral programmes for target groups of pupils; Items for discussion with School Council; Information to help us achieve the Healthy School gold standard; To develop and dicuss with pupils our Anti-Bullying Policy; Targeted whole class sessions with the Police Community Support Officers; To share pupil perceptions of all aspects of their school life with parents, staff and governers." 

Learning Mentor

"I really appreciate the professional service which SHEU offers.  We have had a great experience working with Angela on the school surveys." 

Health Improvement Specialist

"The data from last time were spot-on and we have done lots of work with it. We are very keen to repeat the survey." Headteacher


I think the HRBQ is an absolutely wonderful, informative tool and I am keen to really encourage schools/other relevant partners (as appropriate) to utilise this invaluable data to encourage voice of the child, and subsequently contribute to shaping priorities and services.

Senior Health Improvement Practitioner (Children and Young People)

Many thanks to you and your team for turning this around so quickly.
We really appreciate it, and also your extra support with the administration this time.

PSHE Lead Advisor