Evaluation and Monitoring - Example

The Evaluation & Monitoring Service

The Evaluation & Monitoring (E&M) Service will be developed in consultation with your CFP and administered by our staff or appropriate workers locally. It is our aim to involve representatives of all those groups with a stake in service delivery at all stages, including children and young people.

The purpose of the service would be to enable your CFP to:

  • Consider the content, progress and outcomes of projects commissioned
  • Provide evidence of success or failure in terms of project outcomes and wider Children's Fund targets
  • Consider the quality and value for money of services delivered
  • Measure the level of partnership working
  • Act as necessary on emerging evidence
  • Meet CYPU evaluation requirements
  • Help secure further funding if appropriate
  • Address the issue of future sustainability of projects

Service Example
An E&M Service could be made up of three components:
Part 1 - Analysis of monitoring data collected by service providers.
Part 2 - A programme of qualitative research with a sample of stakeholders from all projects.
Part 3 - A questionnaire survey of a sample of stakeholders from all projects.

Part 1 - Analysis of monitoring data collected by service providers
SHEU would analyse and summarise routine data collected from service providers. This would include for example the number of participants, contacts and other indicators of contact with the target group, and any satisfaction measures or professional reflection records that are used.

Part 2 - Programme of qualitative research
SHEU would develop an agreed framework to consult with all those involved in service delivery: service providers, users, parents and carers and relevant professionals. We have experience of using a broad range of techniques including:
Group discussions
Focus groups
One to one interviewing
Telephone interviewing

Part 3 - Questionnaire survey
To evaluate the use, response to and satisfaction with projects, SHEU suggests use of questionnaires with children, young people and their parents and carers. Responses to questionnaire items from those who have contact with a project can be compared with responses from those who have had no contact with it. The use of questionnaires in this respect enables a large proportion of actual and potential service users and their parents and carers to be contacted and give their views. It produces quantifiable differences and differences that can be tested statistically. Areas to be covered could include

  • Involvement with Children's Fund consultation process
  • Use and awareness of projects
  • Satisfaction with projects
  • Reflections on learning/skill acquisition as result of taking part in service

All items will be tied closely to agreed project objectives and developed in consultation with yourselves and project users.

We have experience of designing and using web based questionnaires and some form of simple web based questionnaire may be available.

All aspects of the E&M Service will consider issues relating to disempowered children and young people, such as the needs of those with English as a second language, children with disabilities and those with sensory impairments

Involving Young People in carrying out the service

SHEU will involve young people directly in the E&M service wherever feasible. Our innovative approaches to this include:

  • Setting up a Children's Evaluation Panel to carry out discrete pieces of work
  • The generation and piloting of questions
  • Older children assisting younger children with completing questionnaires
  • Preparing stimuli for promoting discussions e.g. photographs, drawings
  • Older children trained to carry of interviews with younger children
  • Discussing results of evaluation surveys
  • Commenting on reports
  • Drafting of a report by children and young people for children and young people


SHEU will provide:

  • An annual summary report (to tie in with requirement of CYPU for an annual report)
  • An annual report produced in collaboration with children and young people for a children and young peoples audience

We can also prepare addition reports/seminars/presentations can be prepared for your CF Partnership, CYPU and others.

SHEU principles

We are committed to working in a way that is:

  • Collaborative
  • Non discriminatory
  • Involves children and young people
  • Respects privacy and confidentiality
  • Flexible and responsive

The above example of the Evaluation and Monitoring service, for Children's Fund Partnerships, provides the elements of SHEUs service to a range of clients.
This service is adaptable and flexible to take account of your particular needs.

For further details contact:
Tel: 01392 667272