Education and Health journal: Submission Guidelines

  • We are mostly interested in papers concerning young people of school age and are particularly interested in papers with recommendations for their education.
  • The journal also contains opinion pieces and commentaries. I hope a recent issue will give a fair picture of our scope.
  • The journal was first published 1983, is non-peer reviewed, published quarterly and aimed at those involved with education and health who are concerned with the health and wellbeing of children and young people.
  • As the journal is online and open access there are opportunities for you to make weblinks in your text to relevant webpages.
  • We do not guarantee to publish all submissions and reserve editorial rights.
  • Submissions are made using a Word doc (or similar) email attachment.
  • Contributors are sent a draft pdf to check before publication.
  • Articles can be up to 3,000 words, and if relevant, including Harvard-style references, with a maximum of 5 tables/charts.
  • You can place tables at the end of your draft or, if you want them to appear in the text, just mark the place Table 1 etc in text.
  • We prefer British English spellings and treat 'data' as a plural.
  • Article template :
    Author information
    Author email contact details
    Author First/Surname
    Article Title
    (No abstract)
    Text body with main and sub-headings
  • E&H does not levy an article processing charge or a publication fee
  • Please contact us should you have any questions.

Reference format (Harvard):
Balding J, Gimber P & Wise A (1997). A quarter of Year 7 boys want to cycle to school: a recent survey may help to promote county-wide initiatives to encourage safe alternatives to car travel. Education and Health, 15(4), pp.49-52.

Comments about SHEU

"It's good to talk with you again - we used so much of those data and did so much with it in schools - we really got the place buzzing!"

Consultant in Public Health

"We did this last year with Year 8 and 10 and was incredibly useful. It is WELL worth doing and so useful to inform PSHE planning. The safeguarding audit team were delighted that we had done it. The findings are so so interesting.
"The findings are really comprehensive and range from what percentage of year 8 have breakfast in the morning to how many have tried this particular drug, to identity, health and sleep patterns, mental health, citizenship issues....
"It's essential for the PSHE and pastoral curriculum."

PSHCEE coordinator

"SHEU data proved the best source of the kind of information we were looking for (...) to provide research support to the National Healthy Schools Programme." 

Department of Health

(Our) Senior team were very enthused with the rich source of data provided within the reports (and thought that the analyses including within the appendices section of the main reports were really interesting).

Health Improvement Specialist (Children, Schools and Families)

"The children found the survey very interesting and enjoyed doing it." Class Teacher

Class teacher

"The Schools Health Education Unit has been a unique inspiration to all of us. For me, as I have worked in the many different areas of the NHS, the SHEU, its principles and your determination have always been a cornerstone in what a health promoting service should be about."
PCT Performance Manager paying tribute to John Balding, presented at his retirement lunch, May 2005

PCT Performance Manager

"Just to say a huge thank you for all your efforts in helping us with the Health survey amongst pupils. It has provided us with significant data which will be used across the school to help us improve. It helped us to obtain a healthy schools standard as well. I hope we can make this an annual feature as we can track the changing health of our pupils." Headteacher


"The Unit produces an invaluable body of knowledge... providing exceptional information across time and throughout the country." Kelloggs


"I have valued greatly the work I have done with the team in Exeter, it has been a highlight of my years here." Health Promotion Specialist

Health Promotion Specialist

"Over the last twenty years you have achieved much. The surveys and subsequent reports have painted the clearest picture we have of what young people are doing and what they think." Tribute from OFSTED to John Balding, presented at his retirement lunch, May 2005