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MacDonald,T 1992. Seeking a non-smoking lifestyle in an East London youth club. Education and Health 10(4),55-58. PDF

Dyer,A 1994. Seeking a sense of place: 'Children are by nature romantics, until their imagination and creativity are suborned by the pressures of the dominant rationalist world.'. Education and Health 12(2),17-20. PDF

Keywords: Drama, Environment

Alison McInnes and David Blackwell. 2013. Self-reported drinking behaviour of school age children in Sunderland over a fourteen-year period. Education and Health 31(2),67-76. PDF


Keywords: Alcohol, HRBQ

Heather Gage, Anastasia Snelling and Peter Williams. 2014. Self-reported health and health behaviours of women students in an English and an American University: an explorative study. Education and Health 32(3),103-109. PDF

Balding,J 1994. Sensible drinking: The Unit's response to the Government's review. Education and Health 12(3),46-47. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol

Triece Turnbull 2011. Sex and Relationship Education in British families: How do we move forward?. Education and Health 29(2),35-37. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Emmerson,L 2007. Sex and Relationships Education: supporting transition to Adulthood,. Education and Health 27(October),13-14. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Balding,J 1986. Sex education = parent + teacher. Education and Health 4(5),14-17. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Lawrence,J Kanabus,A 2000. Sex Education Provision in Secondary Schools: a snapshot of the current provision of sex education and the main problem areas. Education and Health 18(2),39-40. PDF

Hampshire,J 2003. Sex education: politics and policy in England and Wales. Policy makers and lobby groups have perceived sex education in different ways, during the post-war period, and the resultant struggle over ideas has prevented the development of a coherent sex education policy,. Education and Health 21(2),29-34. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Jack Fletcher, Sarah Hurst, Jaime Bolzern and Jasmine Schulkind. 2015. Sexpression:UK - A new vision for comprehensive sex and relationship education. Education and Health 33(4),96-99. PDF

Coleman,L Testa,A 2008. Sexual health beliefs, attitudes and perceptions among Black and Minority Ethnic youth,. Education and Health 26(2),32-35. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Dixon,H 2006. Sexual Health Skills: A Learning Process. Education and Health 24(4),57. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Claas Wegner, Caroline Seide and Carolin Zehne, 2016. Sexuality Education in Germany - Example of a Comprehensive, Learner-Centered Teaching Unit. Education and Health 34(3), 79-83. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Regis,D McGeorge,D 2002. Sexually transmitted infections and young people. A world wide increase in STIs is mirrored in the UK and has implications for health education programmes,. Education and Health 20(3),53-55. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Ford,N Bowie,C 1988. Sexually-related behaviour and AIDS education. Education and Health 6(4),86-91. PDF

Keywords: HIV/AIDS

Nyanda McBride, Michael McKay and Harry Sumnall. 2013. SHAHRP: School Health and Alcohol Harm Reduction Project – Developments in Australia and the UK. Education and Health 31(4),79-83. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol, Drugs, Secondary

Wight,D Dixon,H 2004. SHARE- Sexual Health and Relationships: Safe, Happy and Responsible. The rationale, principles and content of a research-based teacher-led sex education programme that originated in the early 1990s and is increasingly being implemented in schools across Scotland largely due to its positive reception by pupils and teachers and the rigorous evaluation of processes,. Education and Health 22(1),3-7,. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Louise Croft, Luis Gracia-Marco and Richard Winsley. 2013. Should we be giving children choices about their health: Engaging University students in complex health questions? Education and Health 31(3),72-75. PDF

Louise Croft, Luis Gracia-Marco, Judy Hargadon and Richard Winsley. 2012. Should we be giving children choices about their health? Education and Health 30(4),113-115. PDF

Mark D. Griffiths, Daniel L. King and Paul H. Delfabbro. 2012. Simulated gambling in video gaming: What are the implications for adolescents? Education and Health 30(3),68-70. PDF

Williams,A 2005. Size doesn't matter- Evidence does. Guernsey recently voted to ban all smoking in enclosed public and working places. One of the biggest contributors, that demonstrated the impact the smoking campaign was having, was the strong evidence-base from monitoring smoking levels amongst young people,. Education and Health 23(2),27-28. PDF

Keywords: Smoking

Bird,S 2011. Skin cancer prevention and teenagers: the role of schools. Education and Health 29(1),8-10. PDF

Keywords: Cancer

Warin,A 1987. Skin cancer: education should start young. Education and Health 5(5),112-114. PDF

Keywords: Health

Editorial. 2012. Sleepless in America : School start times. Education and Health 30(3),57-59. PDF

Keywords: Health, PRI/SEC

O'Donnell,D O'Neill,M 2003. Smart snacks scheme: A healthy breaks initiative in the school environment. Nearly 40% of primary schools have adopted the scheme leading to a significant improvement in nutrition and dental health, environmental and psychological issues,. Education and Health 21(1),9-13. PDF

Keywords: Diet

O'Neill,M O'Donnell,D 2003. Smart snacks scheme: A healthy breaks initiative in the school environment. Nearly 40% of primary schools have adopted the scheme leading to a significant improvement in nutrition and dental health, environmental and psychological issues, . Education and Health 21(1),9-13. PDF

Keywords: Diet

MacGregor,I 1988. Smoking and dental health. Education and Health 6(4),83-85. PDF

Keywords: Dental Health, Smoking

Nutbeam,D 1988. Smoking and schoolchildren in Wales: a new programme. Education and Health 6(3),52-57. PDF

Keywords: Smoking

Regis,D Balding,J 1988. Smoking and self-esteem. Education and Health 6(3),61-66. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Smoking

Cheater,S 2003. Snack policies in Wirral schools-do they promote health? Wirral, and for practical ways to help schools develop an inclusive school nutrition policy looked This research has been the evidence base for the development of nutrition policy work in, . Education and Health 21(1),15-19. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food

Charlton,A 1985. So what is your school's smoking policy?. Education and Health 3(1),7-11. PDF

Keywords: Smoking

Phelps,F et al. 1992. So you really think you understand sex?. Education and Health 10(2),27-31. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Sissons,S 1983. Social and Personal Education - Part 1: some survey findings. Education and Health 1(1),5-8. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Secondary

Russell,G 2008. Social Anxiety and its affect on students. Education and Health 28(October),5. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Russell,G 2008. Social Anxiety: The elephant in your classroom?. Education and Health 26(3),51-53. PDF

Keywords: Emotional Health

Anna Lavis, 2016. Social media and anorexia: A qualitative analysis of #proana. Education and Health 34(2), 57-62. PDF

Wayne Usher 2011. Social Media and Early 21st Century School Health Education In Australia. Education and Health 29(4),79-82. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Regis,D 2009. Social Norms and health promotion,. Education and Health 27(3),71-72. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Buchanan,A 1989. Soiling in children: what schools can do to help. Education and Health 7(1),8-10. PDF

Keywords: Health

Natasha Chamberlain, 2017. Solihull Emotional Health and Wellbeing in Schools Project 2014-2016. Education and Health 35(1), 6-10. PDF

Keywords: Emotional Health

Rowell,V 1985. Solvent abuse: a training manual for professionals. Education and Health 3(4),86-87. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Faber,P 1985. Solvent abuse: the East Sussex Study findings. Education and Health 3(3),60-64. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Balding,J 1984. Some dental health-related behaviour findings. Education and Health 2(6),128-132. PDF

MacGregor,I 1987. Some facts about toothbrushing and dental care. Education and Health 5(1),9-13. PDF

Keywords: Dental Health, HRBQ

Code,T Redman,K 1987. Some first findings from the Primary Topics survey. Education and Health 5(1),17-21. PDF

Keywords: Just a Tick, Primary

Johnston,A 1983. Some recent initiatives in road safety education. Education and Health 1(4),51-55. PDF

Keywords: Road Safety

Kendall,L 1997. Something in the air - but what does it mean?: young people with asthma are unclear about air quality. Education and Health 15(3),39-42. PDF

Keywords: Asthma

Jane Ansell. 2012. Sound Sleep: raising awareness in schools of the importance of sleep for our emotional and physical wellbeing. Education and Health 30(3),64-65. PDF

Beardall,A 2007. South Thames College - Health Promotion, . Education and Health 27(October),10. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Masters,B 2003. Sport as a health risk. Sport is promoted as a healthy pastime, but this study found that discomfort and trauma appeared to be both expected and accepted suggesting that pain is deemed to be normal for sport,. Education and Health 21(3),43-47. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Aleixo,P Norris,CE 2009. Sports Days, Competition and Self-esteem in Primary Schools,. Education and Health 27(3),78-80. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Taylor,S Hackett,A Stratton,G Lamb,L 2004. SportsLinx: Improving the health and fitness of Liverpool's youth. One of the largest ongoing health and fitness programmes for 9-14 year olds in Europe is designed to offer a diverse range of sports and activities for young children to increase levels of physical activity and promote a healthier lifestyle,. Education and Health 22(1),11-15. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

David T Evans and Paul Watson. 2015. Spotlight on sexual health and education for Military, Veterans and Families. Education and Health 33(2),47-51. PDF

David Evans. 2013. SRE - Not yet good enough: Can scripts bridge the training gap? Education and Health 31(4),102-105. PDF

Chick,C 2008. Stafford College finds the right prescription. Education and Health 28(October),13. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Coley,S 1983. Starting and running a school weight club. Education and Health 1(2),26-29. PDF

Keywords: Adolescence, Diet, food, Food

Balding,J 1996. Starting at home: bringing environment into the curriculum - . Education and Health 13(4),52-56. PDF

Russell,N 2006. Staying Alive - project overview. Education and Health 24(1),8. PDF

Keller,SN La,Belle,H 2005. Sexuality Education Online. This study found that teenagers in the United States frequently used the Internet for sexual health information, but only a few health topics of importance were considered by students to be well covered by the Web sites. Focus group results showed the Web sites failed to answer teenagers' personal questions, and did not provide adequate information on sexual health counseling or the risk of getting reinfected with sexually transmitted diseases,. Education and Health 23(1),10-11. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Marewa Glover, Dudley Gentles, Leilani Clayton-Bray, Robert Scragg, Vili Nosa, Judith McCool, Chris Bullen. 2012. Stickers: A popular health promotion resource, but do they have any effect? Education and Health 30(4),103-107. PDF

Keywords: Health Promotion

Maggs,A 2006. Sticky Fingers. Education and Health 24(2),23. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food

Stacy Simera. 2015. Still Sleepless in America: The paradox of local control in education. Education and Health 33(2),33-35. PDF

Keywords: Health

Ahern,P 2007. Stockport College: development of a Healthy College Standard,. Education and Health 25(4),67-70. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Ahern,P 2007. Stockport Healthy College Standard: An audit tool for Every Child Matters, special edition, . Education and Health 27(October),6. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Vincent,D 2007. Stoke on Trent College awarded the Kirklees Healthy College Standard, . Education and Health 27(October),9. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Warin,J 2011. Stories of Self: tracking children's identity and wellbeing through the school years. Education and Health 29(1),19-20. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Regis,D 2010. Street-wise? Substance use in town and country as reported by young people,. Education and Health 28(1),7-9. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Boo Spurgeon. 2015. Student perspectives and reflections on specialist PSHE provision in secondary school Education and Health 33(2),36-39. PDF

Keywords: PSHE, Secondary

Shelley,C 1987. Sugar consumption and tooth decay. Education and Health 5(1),14-16. PDF

Keywords: Dental Health, Diet, food, HRBQ

Syson-Nibbs,L 1996. Sun safety education in schools. Education and Health 14(3),37-41. PDF

Balding,A 2007. Support for Healthy Colleges, . Education and Health 27(October),2. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Tina Rae. 2014. Supporting the wellbeing of girls. Education and Health 32(2),42-47. PDF

Vicki Dawson, 2016. Supporting young people with sleep issues to meet their full potential. Education and Health 34(4), 95-98. PDF

Balding,A 2008. Supporting young people's health. Education and Health 28(October),2. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Lader,V 2007. Surveying the Sexual Behaviour of Teenagers in Brighton and Hove,. Education and Health 25(2),34-35. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Michelle S. Springer. 2013. Swimming Against the Tide – Establishing a Wellbeing Curriculum. Education and Health 31(3),79-83. PDF

Rachel Locke and Gary Jones. 2012. Tackling underage drinking: Reflections on one local authority's response. Education and Health 30(1),6-10. PDF

Oker,C 2009. Talk2YourTeen magazine: part of a campaign in response to findings of a sex and relationships survey,. Education and Health 27(1),13-16. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Rich,M 2010. Teach Your Children Well,. Education and Health 28(1),5-6. PDF

Keywords: Parenthood

Sarah Chapman. 2015. Teaching children in schools about sexual abuse: what do we know about how well this works? Education and Health 33(2),40-43. PDF

Glyn Owen. 2013. Teaching cooking at Ashton Vale Primary. Education and Health 31(4),93-96. PDF

Keywords: Food, Primary

Whelan,S Culver,J 1997. Teaching young people how to say No: the DARE drugs education resource may be failing. Education and Health 15(3),43-46. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Jones,M 1992. Teenage pregnancies: who is responsible?. Education and Health 10(2),21-26. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Tracy Kirk 2011. Teenage Pregnancy Services: The 'Stoke Model' of early identification and intervention. Education and Health 29(2),38-40. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Crouch,V 2002. Teenage pregnancy, better prevention and a sexual health game for young people. The role that the school nurse might play in reducing rates of pregnancy in relation to Government strategy,. Education and Health 20(1),13-16. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Hunt,J 1996. Teenage sexual health: Do school nurses hold the key?. Education and Health 13(5),69-72. PDF

Balding,J 1988. Teenage smoking: the levels are falling at last!. Education and Health 6(3),68-70. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Smoking

Brett,M 2008. Ten key facts that teachers need to know about cannabis. Education and Health 26(3),47-49. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy 2010. That's what he said: What guys think about sex, love, contraception and relationships,. Education and Health 28(1),20. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Robson,R Chalmers,D 2007. The 'Have I got It?' Pee in a Pot Experiences,. Education and Health 27(October),17. PDF

Chalmers,D Robson,R 2007. The 'Have I got It?' Pee in a Pot Experiences, special edition, . Education and Health 27(October),17. PDF

Balding,J 1986. The 'JAT' materials and their use in schools. Education and Health 4(1),5-20. PDF

Keywords: Just a Tick

Balding,J 1988. The 'Just a Tick' materials and their use in schools. Education and Health 6(2),37-42. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Lubans,D Morgan,P 2007. The 'Learning to Enjoy Activity with Friends' programme,. Education and Health 25(1),10-14. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Clements,M Croucher,R Rodgers,AI 1984. The 'Natural Nashers' programme. Education and Health 2(6),120-123. PDF

Keywords: Dental Health

Wastie,F 1990. The 4th year do their own evaluation. Education and Health 8(1),6-8. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Ridgers,N et al. 2006. The Active City of Liverpool, Active Schools and SportsLinx (A-CLASS) Project. Education and Health 24(2),26-29. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Helena Conibear. 2015. The Alcohol Education Trust : alcohol programme for 11- 18 year olds, parents and teachers. Education and Health 33(1),10-13. PDF

Michal Tombs, Kimberley Johnson and Philip J. Tyson. 2013. The benefits of physical activity for cognitive functioning in a student population. Education and Health 31(3),84-90. PDF