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Natalie Collyer and Richard Essery. 2012. Commentary on the conception rates for under 16 year olds from 1969-2009. Education and Health 30(2),25-27. PDF

David Paton. 2012. Underage conceptions and abortions in England and Wales 1969-2009: the role of public policy. Education and Health 30(2),22-24. PDF

Measor,L 2009. Condom use and the missing discourse of desire: the view from the girls,. Education and Health 27(4),65-68. PDF

Warner,C Jenkins,H 2009. SEAL of A.P.proval. Education and Health 27(4),96-98. PDF

Regis,D 2009. Experiences of young people with different sexual or gender identity,. Education and Health 27(4),91-95. PDF

Worrall,C Law,C 2009. The North West Further Education Project: The Mental Health & Well-being of Learners aged 14-19,. Education and Health 27(4),86-90. PDF

Gerouki,M 2009. The sexual child - researching teachers' experiences,. Education and Health 27(4),84-85. PDF

Kearney,J 2009. Healthy Schools Pupil panel - voices for change,. Education and Health 27(4),83-84. PDF

Aleixo,P Norris,CE 2009. Sports Days, Competition and Self-esteem in Primary Schools,. Education and Health 27(3),78-80. PDF

Murray,L 2009. The Peer Activities in Sexual Health young people's peer education project,. Education and Health 27(3),76. PDF

Philip,K Spratt,J Shucksmith,J Weare,K 2009. The school as a location for the promotion and support of mental health,. Education and Health 27(3),74-75. PDF

Sutton,M 2009. Providing healthy, safe learning environments should be on the agenda for all FE colleges,. Education and Health 27(3),73. PDF

Regis,D 2009. Social Norms and health promotion,. Education and Health 27(3),71-72. PDF

Smith,H Grogan,S Davey,R Cochrane,T 2009. Developing a Successful Physical Activity Intervention in Primary Schools,. Education and Health 27(3),67-70. PDF

Hester,JR McKenna,J Gately,PJ 2009. Discussing Lifestyle Behaviours with Obese Children,. Education and Health 27(3),62-66. PDF

Brown,A 2009. Drug testing pupils,. Education and Health 27(2),39-40. PDF

The Australian National Council on Drugs 2009. Drug testing in Australian schools: evidence, impacts and alternatives,. Education and Health 27(2),36-39. PDF

Jones,M 2009. Personal, social, and health education in changing times; a view from Ofsted,. Education and Health 27(2),33-35. PDF

Davies,G 2009. The Young Leaders project: UK sexual health project of the year,. Education and Health 27(2),31-32. PDF

Griffiths,MD King,D Delfabbro,P 2009. Adolescent gambling-like experiences: Are they a cause for concern?. Education and Health 27(2),27-30. PDF

Aleixo,P Norris,CE 2009. Moral reasoning development and classroom discipline,. Education and Health 27(1),9-12. PDF

Limmer,M 2009. Young men and pornography: Meeting the challenge through Sex and Relationships Education,. Education and Health 27(1),6-9. PDF

Griffiths,MD 2009. Online computer gaming: Advice for parents and teachers,. Education and Health 27(1),3-6. PDF

Dunne,M O'Neill,M Friel,M 2009. Improving Emotional Health and Wellbeing through peer support - A programme in the Western Health and Social Care Trust is helping young people become peer educators,. Education and Health 27(1),18-19. PDF

Castledine,H 2009. If young people 'get it on' can we lower the teenage conception rate?. Education and Health 27(1),16-18. PDF


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