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Zachary,L 2008. All salted?' Reducing salt intake in young parents and their children - Project summary. Education and Health 26(4)80. PDF

Gehring,A Donaldson,C 2008. HPV vaccination: why education is the key to ensuring it is a public health success. Education and Health 26(4)77-79. PDF

Emmerson,L 2008. National Mapping Survey of On-site Sexual Health Services in Education Settings: Provision in FE and sixth-form colleges. Education and Health 26(4). PDF

SHEU 2008. Trends from 1983: Young People - Food and Smoking. Education and Health 26(4) 69-71. PDF

Canvin,K 2008. "There is a person behind the flab!": Young people speak out about their weight problems. Education and Health 26(4)72-73. PDF

Sanders,A 2008. Participation work with young people to improve access to health services. Education and Health 26(3),60. PDF

Jones,K Wriglesworth,A 2008. 'Inspire' Youth Work in Hospital Project offers support to young people admitted to Wrexham Maelor Hospital with self-harming behaviours. Education and Health 26(3),58-59. PDF

Teacher Support Network 2008. Mental health problems: supporting school staff. Education and Health 26(3),57. PDF

Tomlinson,M Hepworth,D 2008. College Counselling - More to it than meets the eye?. Education and Health 26(3),55-56. PDF

Barnard,P 2008. Addressing mental health issues at the Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education. Education and Health 26(3),54. PDF

Russell,G 2008. Social Anxiety: The elephant in your classroom?. Education and Health 26(3),51-53. PDF

Brett,M 2008. Ten key facts that teachers need to know about cannabis. Education and Health 26(3),47-49. PDF

Morrow,A O'Neill,M Friel,M 2008. Addressing Government Targets with Healthy Lunchboxes . Education and Health 26(3),45-46. PDF

Vannan,P Scott Watson,M 2008. Feel Think Do - a sexual abuse prevention programme for primary pupils. Education and Health 26(3),43-44. PDF

Kirk,J 2008. Healthy College at 'QE' - much more than a standard!. Education and Health 28(October),9. PDF

College and University Support Network 2008. Work-life balance: supporting college lecturers. Education and Health 28(October),8. PDF

Tomlinson,M Hepworth,D 2008. College counselling at Greenhead College. Education and Health 28(October),7. PDF

Bernard,P 2008. Addressing mental health issues at the Grimsby Institute. Education and Health 28(October),6. PDF

Russell,G 2008. Social Anxiety and its affect on students. Education and Health 28(October),5. PDF

Darke,S 2008. Investing in the health and welfare of college staff and students. Education and Health 28(October),4. PDF

Mellor,S 2008. The Healthy FE Framework - Update. Education and Health 28(October),3. PDF

Balding,A 2008. Supporting young people's health. Education and Health 28(October),2. PDF 2008. A voice for young people. Education and Health 28(October),19. PDF

Plunkett,B 2008. Lincoln College

Jones,Z 2008. Doncaster College


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