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Balding,J 1999. Young People in 1998: looking back, and looking ahead - 18,221 young people and approx. 200,000 since 1983. Education and Health 17(1),1-13. PDF

Balding,J 1998. Do you use dihydrate? [ e.g. diehards, dynamite, dino dust]. Education and Health 16(4),60-62. PDF

Regis,D 1998. Are you in control of your own health?: Different attitudes to 'fate' could affect the success of health messages. Education and Health 16(4),57-59. PDF

Griffiths,M Wood,R 1998. Adolescent gambling on the National Lottery. Education and Health 16(4),53 -56. PDF

Balding,A Balding,JF 1998. The Pyramid Project: building for the future. Education and Health 16(4),49-52. PDF

Colley,K van,den,Akker,O 1998. Developing a Year 9 safe-sun programme: Adolescents form a particularly high-risk group, in need of specific skin-protective information and advice. Education and Health 16(3),42-47. PDF

Balding,J Regis,D Wise,A 1998. Who worries? Young smokers certainly do!: The Unit's latest survey shows that half the Year 10 girl smokers worry 'quite a lot' or 'a lot' about at least five things. Education and Health 16(3),33-41. PDF

HoughK 1998. Meet the school nurse who is always on site: An integral member of the school staff. Education and Health 16(2),31. PDF

Clinton,B 1998. 'Smoke-free Soccer' scores in the Humber region: The contradiction between trying to achieve their sporting potential and damaging their fitness by smoking is fully exposed. Education and Health 16(2),27-28. PDF

O'Donnell,C 1998. Invisible hands: child employment in the UK. Education and Health 16(2),25-26. PDF

Balding,J 1998. The underweight girls who want to lose more: Body image was still high on the 'worry' agenda in 1997. Young People in 1997 - data from 37,538 young people. Education and Health 16(2),17-24. PDF

Griffiths,M 1998. Children and the Internet: issues for parents and teachers. Education and Health 16(1),9-10. PDF

Meek,G 1998. Asthma excuse notes: for the child or the PE Teacher?. Education and Health 16(1),5-8. PDF

Balding,J Regis,D 1998. Cannabis; getting safer as the years go by? 10% of year 10 boys have probably used an illegal drug during the previous week. Education and Health 16(1),1-4. PDF

Regis,D 1998. Jobs for the boys and jobs for the girls. Education and Health 16(1),12-14. PDF

Balding,JW 1998. Working children: what, how long and how much. Education and Health 15(5),69-71. PDF

Low,Pay,Unit 1998. Two million working children need protection. Education and Health 15(5),65-68. PDF

Comments about SHEU

"Every school involved in the National Healthy School programme should start with an HRBQ survey." Health Education Co-ordinator

Health Education Co-ordinator

"The children found the survey very interesting and enjoyed doing it." Class Teacher

Class teacher

"I have valued greatly the work I have done with the team in Exeter, it has been a highlight of my years here." Health Promotion Specialist

Health Promotion Specialist

I think the HRBQ is an absolutely wonderful, informative tool and I am keen to really encourage schools/other relevant partners (as appropriate) to utilise this invaluable data to encourage voice of the child, and subsequently contribute to shaping priorities and services.

Senior Health Improvement Practitioner (Children and Young People)

"I would like to say how much we appreciated the work you and your team have put in to this project, a big thank you for the excellent reports that you have completed on our behalf." Assistant Director of Public Health

Assistant Director of Public Health

"This is an excellent way of keeping up to date belt and braces style."

School Drugs Advisor

"Thank you from my staff to you and all your staff. The speed of 'turn-around' of the questionnaires is outstanding in anyone's terms." Headteacher


I would be extremely interested to see the results as I know how useful this information has been to the other schools in the


"It's good to talk with you again - we used so much of those data and did so much with it in schools - we really got the place buzzing!"

Consultant in Public Health

We were all very impressed with the spreadsheet and can see that an incredible amount of work has gone into creating this!

Health Improvement Specialist