Drug Action Teams

"The most effective way of reducing the harm drugs cause is to persuade all potential drug users, but particularly the young, not to use drugs." - National Drug Strategy

Useful to DATs

We have worked hard to ensure that our secondary questionnaires provide the type of information that is useful to Drug Action Teams. Our general questionnaire V23 has been scrutinised by a number of DAT partners for its validity and usefulness. The resulting data are now finding their way, more than ever before, into DATs Young People's Substance Misuse Plans. Repeat survey strategies are being identified in order to monitor behaviour.


SHEU survey services for Drug Action Teams are described in the flyer 'How are surveys can help you' - DATflyer.
You can read about our Secondary School Survey Service in a web page...
and see pdf examples of resulting reports for DATs --- Report 1 and Report 2.
Clink this link for the Self Evaluation Form Secondary School Evidence from SHEU Survey

Strategic partnerships

DAT Coordinators are effectively sharing resources by working closely with their Healthy Schools partners and others to collect information useful to all. The questionnaire can be used by a number of strategic partnerships to support Every Child Matters work and Choosing Health Targets. The use of our wider Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire allows for an analysis of the connections between behaviours. Is high self-esteem, for example, likely to help young people avoid drugs?

Latest data

    * SHEU's latest 'Young People into...' data
    * The SHEU Trends data on Illegal Drugs
    * Dr David Regis has presented data to the Drug Education Forum (7 slides)
    * SHEU also provides a free, monthly Research News resource (including Drugs -- see the archive)
    * "Street-wise? Substance use in town and country as reported by young people" Article by Dr Regis in Education and Health 28:1, 2010

Drugs Education monitoring studies

SHEU has been involved in Drugs Education Monitoring Studies with tailor made questionnaires to suit local needs. A leaflet for DPAS & Drug Action Teams

SHEU also provides EVERY CHILD MATTERS surveys and services for evaluation and monitoring and data collection and analysis.

For further details please contact
Dr David Regis
Tel:01392 667272