Data entry projects

Title Commissioner
Workplace experiences of staff with disabilities pluss
Fear appeals in health education Saving Faces
Improving Practice Questionnaire for GPs Client-Focused Evaluations Program CFEP
Staff / IT Skills Survey Sheffield NHS
Governors and Sex Education Survey Government Office South West
Parents and Professionals’ Views on Availability of Clinical Information Public Health North and East Devon
A PAUSE Project Post Graduate Medical School Exeter University
Bullying study Cornwall Secondary School
National Survey of Class Sizes Exeter University Education Dept
Brown Bag Project Prescribing Dept. Devon Family Health Services
Parent/Teacher survey Swindon Healthy Schools
History Education Exeter University Education Department
Water Survey Educational Communications
Mortality Statistics Exeter Health Authority
Gambling and Leisure Questionnaire Plymouth University
Geography Education Exeter University Geography Department
Smoking in Woking Schools Woking Health
Safe Journeys for Schoolchildren Devon County Council
Music Technology in Schools Exeter University Education Dept
School Nurse Project Amalgamated School Nurses Association
Meningitis Survey Exeter Health Authority
Farmers and Mental Health Post Graduate Med. Dept of Mental Health Exeter University
SNAG Healthy Eating Plymouth Secondary School
Youth Health Project Thomas Coram
Podiatry Survey Public Health North and East Devon
Women’s Experiences of Maternity Services Exeter Health Authority
Youth Scan Project Neville Butler, Bristol University
Solihull Healthy Schools Project Solihull Health
Travelwise Devon County Council
Schools for Health SW Devon Health Authority
Teachers Incentive Pay Exeter University Education Department

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