Comments about research links

"The simple email-with-links-system works well for me and the links are extremely relevant for my line of work. I use the information to keep up to date with current health issues and research."

Healthy Schools Advisor

" ... the information is really useful in school."

Deputy Headteacher Primary School

"The (research emails) always contain something I find interesting."

School Health Advisor

"Thank you for keeping us up to date with all the incredibly interesting and helpful information."

PSHE Manager

"The (research emails) are very useful and all my team value the continuing opportunity to access the information provided in the updates."

C&YP Manager

"Most helpful, thanks"

National Health Education Group member

"I glean so much useful information from the research emails."

PSHE Manager

"Much of your output is outstanding and most is extremely useful."

PSHE Coordinator

"I think the emails are really useful." 

SRE Consultant

"Thank you for the ongoing support and information you share with us. I am very grateful for this support and would like to continue receiving these updates."

Deputy Headteacher Primary School