SHEU Views the News: #ThePubertyIssue

The Sex Education Forum have published today some notes and advice on puberty.
We have looked at young people's engagement with the issue of puberty over the years.
For example, many years ago we collected some evidence suggesting that girls in our surveys were starting to menstruate earlier than published averages, a trend which has now been more firmly established and generally accepted.  We asked questions about periods, not just to discover the views of young people, but to see if there was a gap in provision of education.
From our most recent compilation of results in Young People into 2015:
Have talked with their parents about body changes as they grow up:
Y6 boys 77%
Y6 girls 86%
Have talked with their teachers about body changes as they grow up:
Y6 boys 42%
Y6 girls 43%
Have talked with no-one about body changes as they grow up:
Y6 boys 9%
Y6 girls 6%
This is any sort of talk at all, and we can't tell if they are being told as much as they should.  In several local surveys, we have asked questions like 'do you know enough about how your body changes as you grow up?' but don't have enough aggregate results to publish an overall figure.